Three Psychotherapy Books Reprinted to Help Wounded People Grow

The Wounded, The Road to Growth, and Healing Heart: the series of psychotherapy books written by Dr. Wang Xuefu
The Wounded, The Road to Growth, and Healing Heart: the series of psychotherapy books written by Dr. Wang Xuefu
By Christine Lau May 26th, 2022

Recently, Anhui People's Publishing House announced its republication of three psychotherapy books. 

The three books The Wounded, The Road to Growth, and Healing Heart are the classic works of Mr. Wang Xuefu, the founder of Zhimian therapy who has 20 years of experience in psychological counseling.

It is said that The Wounded is the distillation of Mr. Wang's 20 years of psychotherapy experience which brings an impact on people's mind and spirits. Since the main purpose of psychological counseling is to treat the injury which causes mental health conditions, so the whole work of counseling is to help people grow through psychotherapy.

Regarding The Road to Growth, Wang said, "Though it is a summary and refinement of my more than ten years of psychotherapy experience, I don't expect it can touch people’s hearts deeply. I just hope that it can be like a lighthouse to lead those People seeking self discovery and ascension in discovering the essence of love, experiencing inner peace, and finding their true self. "

As a gift for spiritual explorers, providing in-depth experience from the perspective of cases, the book Healing Heart witnesses local psychotherapy and psychological counseling in China, clarifying the essence of psychological counseling and therapy.

When sharing his experience of working in psychological counseling for more than 20 years, this scholar stated, "Suffering from affections and relationships, they told me their own difficulties and troubles, and I find behind all of them is hurt which they are not aware of. How difficult life growth is! In the process of growth, with many hurts and obstacles mainly coming from those closest to him, a person has a strong desire to grow in his heart, even if there is only a little chance or a ray of light."

Wang Xuefu is the director of Nanjing Institute of Zhimian Psychological Counseling, doctor of Literature from Nanjing University, master of Psychology and Counseling from Andover Newton College, Ph.D. student of Existential-Humanistic Psychology from Saybrook University.

Introducing western existential psychotherapy into China, he has devoted himself to the professional practice and theoretical research of existential psychotherapy in the Chinese cultural background. For more than ten years, Wang has been immersed in psychological counseling professional practice and theoretical and cultural research in Chinese society, accumulating rich experience in the treatment of the obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and depression, and engaging in marriage and family counseling. With a unique counseling ability to help young people grow up and find themselves, he explored and created the Chinese native psychological method "Zhimian Therapy", winning the "Charlotte and Carl Buhler Award" from the American Psychological Association in 2013.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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