Tuesday, February 20th, 2024
Article by:Josiah Li

Christians, Be the Witness of the Gospel With Your Own Lives

As a Christian, do your actions serve as a testament to the gospel, or do they hinder others? The lifestyle of a Christian can either bear witness to Jesus, naturally sowing the seeds of the gospel, or it can become an obstacle that prevents others from entering the church.

God's Fondest 'Fool'

“Lord, I thank you for loving an ‘idiot’ like me, who is being silly all the time!” An elderly sister shares her more than 30-year walk with Christ.

Caution: 'Donating the Bible' to the Church Is Scam

"I have Bibles here in the warehouse, and the warehouse is due for moving. How many Bibles do you want?" One day, Brother M received a strange phone call, eager to donate the Bibles. The woman then said, "If you want more, you can drive a car here for a full load of it."
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