Sunday, June 16th, 2024
Article by:Grace Zhi

Prayers Needed for Myanmar Civil War

A pastor dedicated to a local drug rehabilitation ministry in Myanmar shares the importance of understanding the birth of Christ amidst the escalating civil war, as refugees seek shelter and support.

Visit to Birthplace of Churches in East Guangdong

"To understand the Hakka church, you must visit Zhangcun!" Zhangcun Village in Meizhou, Guangdong, is the birthplace of churches in East Guangdong, bearing historical significance for the Hakka church.

Rural Church With Old, Sick Believers Begins Morning Prayers

When it comes to rural churches, many would think of problems such as the loss of young people, the lack of pastors, the backward equipment, and insufficient support. However, grass-roots churches also have co-workers who still insist on serving pastors and Christians who simply love the Lord. A rural church begins morning prayers after reopening and people take turns opening the church door.
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