Christian TV Presenter Isabel Kao Thanks God for being Shortlisted Again for Golden Bell Award

Photo of the GOOD TV program “Family 8 O'clock, Turn to Find Love"
Photo of the GOOD TV program “Family 8 O'clock, Turn to Find Love" (photo: GOOD TV)
By Li ChunSeptember 9th, 2021

Christian celebrity Isabel Kao, a Taiwanese Christian TV host, thanked God for being nominated for the Golden Bell Award. 

Having won the TV Golden Bell Award "Lifestyle TV Presenter Award" last year, Kao was once again nominated for the award with her program “Family 8 O'clock, Turn to Find Love" on Good TV, the first and only Christian television station in Taiwan.

While expressing her gratitude for the Lord, she was taking care of her father with her family when she learned that she was shortlisted.

She said, "Thank the Lord. Today is a good day because my father has gained three kilograms. His body is recovering; besides, I was shortlisted. That's the icing on the cake. I am so appreciative that I could be shortlisted. That is really acknowledgment to the TV show and great encouragement to me and my team. It means that the direction of our production is correct."

The program "Family 8 O'clock, Turn to Find Love" has been widely loved since its launch in 2016, and has become one of the highlights of Good TV, discussing the latest and hottest family issues.

Kao, experienced in performing arts, set a precedent when she just stepped into showbiz. She hosted a live broadcast of "Entertainment News", which took the media by storm. After she got married and had a child, she faded out of the screen for a while. She refused many invitations and gave priority to caring for the family. After Kao settled in China, she also experienced a great renewal in her beliefs, so that among the many invitations, she did not choose a commercial TV station. Instead, she gave priority to serving God and cooperated with GOOD TV. To her now, hosting is not a job, but a service, full of responsibility and gratitude.

- Translated by Yuehan Jiang

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