A Memorial Ceremony of a Christian in LongNan City, GanSu Province

Memorial Ceremony of a Christian
1/3Memorial Ceremony of a Christian
Memorial Ceremony of a Christian
2/3Memorial Ceremony of a Christian
Memorial Ceremony of a Christian
3/3Memorial Ceremony of a Christian
By Josiah LiOctober 17th, 2016

There was no crying but anthem played by the band and a speech concerning death shared by the priest in his memorial ceremony, a Hui County Christian from LongNan, GanSu province.

This Christian, with family name Duan, left earthly labor on the day before Mid-autumn Festival because of stomach cancer, on the age of 62.

The band of Thanksgiving church of Hui County played songs like and so on. Believers present there joined singing , among other anthems.

A senior in Hui County church shared his thoughts. As fate decided, everyone has to die at some point, and will be trialed after death. Death is a home-moving for the soul, so we all should think about which way ours would go, up or down?

ZhangPing, the Principle of Hui County church, said that life is due, and so is death, but whoever believes in the Lord has eternity. The leaving of brother Duan caused pain and nostalgia, but as Christians we could hope for the reencounter in future.



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