Shanghai Agape Foundation Donates Computer Room to Yunnan Nationality School

The inauguration of the computer room
The inauguration of the computer room (photo: Shanghai Christianity )
By Yi YangNovember 14th, 2016

Recently Shanghai Agape Foundation donates a computer room worthy of 200,000 yuan to Ruili No.1 Nationality Middle School. Rev. Shen Xuebin, president of Shanghai TSPM, inaugurates the room along with the local officials. The pastor claims that he will continuously focus on the education of poor areas. 

According to the Shanghai Christianity, the foundation researched Ruili for providing education aid and learned that a computer room in the school located on the border of West Yunnan had aging computers, which affected the normal teaching. Then the foundation came up with an idea of donating computer facilities. 

Currently at least three hours of computer classes are arranged in the room. 

The foundation was founded in February 2015, directed by Elder Chen Zhimin, associate president and secretary of Shanghai Christian Council.

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