Charity Group: Muslims in the Middle East Are Converting to Christianity

(photo: Pixabay)
By Mei ManuelJanuary 12th, 2017

One charity organization currently in the Middle East to assist civilians in the chaos, persecution and violence in the region shared that thousands of Muslims are now converting to Christianity.

According to The Voice of the Martyrs Canada (VOMC), which supports and equips Christians in the Middle East through broadcasting, "tremendous growth is taking place in the lives of new believers who were Muslims".

In their interview with BosNewsLife, the organization said: "There are thousands upon thousands coming to Christ." 

"We are in regular contact with our FM stations in Iraq and have talked with many people who have family in the Middle East. Some of our Middle Eastern broadcasters have shared testimonies [about people turning to Christ] with us, which they hear directly from listeners when visiting there."

"God has been very faithful." the organisation added.

Christian Today reported that their sources cite the increase in believers in churches across Iraq and Syria.

Eddie Lyle, president of Open Doors UK & Ireland, shared a story of one pastor in the region who sent had to text his entire congregation, asking them not to come to church one day because there were so many Muslims seeking refuge in the church and that there wasn't room for anyone else.

Pastor Rev Sami Dagher, who leads more than 30 churches across the Middle East, told Christian Today in 2015 that 80% of his congregation in Baghdad had fled Iraq, but  "the church is still full with new people coming".

"We have about 400 people every Sunday in Baghdad, and about 30 per cent of those are from different religions," he said.

Dagher said that the word "revival" may be too strong to define the current surge of Muslims converting to Christianity, but many Muslims were becoming disillusioned with their faith, and looking to the Church for answers they cannot see in Islam.

"They see people who will put a bomb around themselves and go kill themselves and others and say 'Allahu Akbar' [God is great]. They see a man take another man, cutting [off] his head with a knife and saying 'Allahu Akbar'. They can't really understand... how can they do it in the name of Allah?" he said. "They want to find the truth."


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