The Amity Foundation Kindle Love and Hope for Rural Poor Orphans

A girl supported by Amity Foundation
1/2A girl supported by Amity Foundation(photo: Amity Foundation)
2/2Conference(photo: Amity Foundation)
By Ruth WangJanuary 13th, 2016

The program "e 10000 action" , officially initiated in 2002 by the Amity Foundation, the largest Christian charitable organization in China, has aided over 17600 orphans over twelve provinces and autonomous regions in China.

On January 6 and 7, 2016, Amity held a conference on the information management systematical training of "e 10000 action" Program which aims at improving the study and living conditions of poor orphans in the rural areas, with over 70 partners attending. 

"e 1000 action" Program tries innovation in many ways: on the funding targets, undergraduates and orphans are included in the funding range; on the material, options like pictures and compositions add in feedback material which is made once in a term, enabling sponsors to know funding receivers in different aspects; on the management technology, e Ten Thousand Action Program Information Management System has been formally put into use, providing a real time communication platform for Amity, partner organizations and sponsors.

The attendees discussed hot on the problems faced in work and challenges. In 2016 the operating management of the program will achieve the change "from offline to online, from paper to network".

In the beginning of 2016, Amity launched the professional program team, hoping that it can inject new vigour into the development of the program through the adjustment of working staff and equipped resources.

Amity announced the development keyword for the program in 2016: ten thousand, transparency. It hopes to reach the "three-fold win" effect: children grow healthily, sponsors always trust and the society is satisfied, though which it can lead and promote the social charitable atmosphere of caring rural poor orphans. 

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