A Chinese Child's Adoptive Family Searches for the Child's Blood Family

The Crowells with their adopted daughter.
The Crowells with their adopted daughter. (photo: Sina Weibo)
By Yetta YaoApril 5th, 2017

"Hosanna! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord! Blessed is the King of Israel!" (John 12:13)

The word "hosanna" means to praise and seek salvation.

A Canadian couple named their adopted daughter from China, Hosanna. However, recently, the couple sent a letter to her blood parents, asking for help because Hosanna needs a marrow transplant to survive.

The author, named Luan Wensheng, tried to help the mixed family by posting videos and articles on his blog on March 8. He said that the Canadian couple, the Crowells, adopted Hosanna, who was ill, from the Guizhou Kaili Orphanage on May 29, 2007. Hosanna is turning 11 this Spring.

She has been diagnosed with Type II thalassemia and has accepted blood transfusion for 192 times. In order for her to survive, she desperately needs to find her blood parents who are said to be in Guizhou province.

The only clue the family had is that the girl, who originated from Tianzhu County of Guizhou province, was named Chen Fupei by the orphanage. She is speculated to be either from the Miao group or Dong group.

Luan Wensheng quoted the letter written by Hosanna's Canadian mother Cathy, which was confirmed and given by her Canadian media friend Bowen Zhang and translated by her friend.

"We have not seen each other before. When I saw the beautiful eyes of my adopted daughter, I believed that she was from a loving family. A family in Guizhou: did you have a daughter who loved sucking her two fingers? Can you recognize from the picture whether she was your daughter? She has been with you for a year so we guessed that she was seriously ill. She did not want to eat anything nor could we find anyone to help her. I could understand your difficulty. I believe that you wanted to give her a chance to survive so you placed her outside the Guizhou Tianzhou Public Security Bureau in May of 2007." Cathy wrote.

She ended the letter with "May God bless you!" along with her email address.

On March 11, Cathy tried again to look for Hosanna's blood parents through a self-timed video. Cathy said in the video, "Because Hosanna's blood parents can fundamentally help her, which we cannot do...If you are watching the video...We plead with you to stand out in courage and let us help you and Hosanna...Thank you very much!"

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