Church Offers Free Medical Treatment to Aliens in Yunnan

The free clinic for the impoverished tenants in Baoshan
The free clinic for the impoverished tenants in Baoshan
By Yi YangApril 13th, 2017

Baoshan Christian Church in Yunnan Province recently offered free medical treatment for impoverished tenants, including free medicine and treatment. The church hopes that the ministry will continue.

On the day of the treatment, doctors gave the villagers acupuncture and therapeutic massage, along with giving them medicine and explaining some basic health knowledge. To be even more efficient, teachers and students from the boarding school participated as translators of the Lisu dialect. They interpreted the explanations of the medicine and wrote it down in Lisu characters.

Some Lisu people became aliens after they moved from a high-altitude, cold-weather, and mountainous area in Gaoligong, Nujiang State to the area near Erbang Mountain by Nujiang River in Baoshan. They have no land or registered permanent residence. What's worse, the needs such as school for children or medical treatment cannot be met. They make their living by renting the locals' land for farming, and even the little money they make does not provide them with adequate food and clothing.

The Panshi Social Ministry Department of Baoshan began helping the aliens and the Lisu residents in 2009. In 2010 they set up five elementary schools and enrolled nearly 250 primary students. It helps with education for the children of itinerants, provides subsidies for teachers, builds classrooms, provides nutritious breakfasts for the children, and is pursuing the ability to provide lunches for them as well.

Translated by: Grace Hubl

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