Texas: Non-Christians Rejected to Be a Foster Parent

Texas: Rejected Non-Christian Foster Parent
Texas: Rejected Non-Christian Foster Parent (photo: Creative Common)
By GilynMay 11th, 2017

Discrimination is the act of treating a person differently or negatively because of that person's race, class, sexual orientation, gender or any other group, to which they belong to, rather than understanding and assessing their individual needs and merits.

In Austin, Texas, there are groups of people debating the controversial bill that would officially let the adoption agencies to reject wannabe parents based on their religious grounds, marital status, and sexual preferences. The private organizations, which are paid by the state to put foster children to deserving adoptive families, want to continue what they used to do and are seeking legal protection through Texas' "Freedom to serve Children Act," which the GOP-controlled chamber approved with 94-51 votes on Tuesday night.

Several States Texas adoption and foster care agencies admit that it is denying all the Non-Christian, the member of LGBT community and unmarried applicants on religious grounds. It is widely known that a true Christian believer condemns homosexual acts as sinful, but it is really hard to convince these people especially with their different beliefs.

Many conservative and biblical believers together with Rep. James Frank of Wichita Falls stand that homosexuality is just like fornication that is condemned by the bible and for the same reason it is a perversion in the sight of God. The final vote will be posted on Wednesday and Randy Daniels, the vice-president of Child and Family Service for the Dallas-based Christian child welfare organization Buckner International, said that religious agencies are terrified of lawsuits for turning away potential parents.

 "We want to make sure that we can practice within the framework of our sincerely held religious beliefs," Daniels said.

Bucker International refused single parents and only accepts Christian couples who have been married for at least four years. "These are our requirements and were clear, this is just who we are," he added. 



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