Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Criticized for Negative Tweets Against Myanmar

Jack Dorsey
Jack Dorsey (photo: Google Screenshot)
By Faith MagbanuaDecember 10th, 2018

Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey has been heavily criticized for promoting Myanmar as a tourist destination despite widespread allegations of human rights abuses in the country.

In a series of tweets that was posted on December 9, 2018, Jack Dorsey said he had travelled to northern Myanmar last month for a meditation retreat.

"The people are full of joy and the food is amazing," he said, before encouraging his 4m followers to visit.

However, some accused him of ignoring the plight of the Muslim Rohingya minority.

As we recall, last year, Myanmar's military launched a violent crackdown after Rohingya militants carried out attacks on several police posts.

Thousands of people have been killed, and human rights organizations are saying that the army has burned land and committed arbitrary killings and rape.

The tweet gained massive negativity just moments after its post and while Twitter's CEO seems to be unaware of the negative effects, people are voicing out their opinions.

"Writing what is effectively a free tourism advert for them at this time is reprehensible," one Twitter user wrote in response to Dorsey's tweets.

"The tone-deafness here is... wow," another user said.

"This is an extremely irresponsible recommendation," one response reads. "Does he pay no attention to the news and the outcry on his own platform?"

The military crackdown sparked an flight of more than 700,000 Rohingya who have since fled to neighboring Bangladesh to escape the violence and the destruction of their homes.

Others pointed to the role social media platforms, such as the one Dorsey heads up, have played in the Rohingya crisis.

Last month, Facebook said it agreed with a report that found it failed to prevent its platform from being used to "incite offline violence" in Myanmar.

"Social media [is] amplifying the genocide and meanwhile, Jack Dorsey proudly tweets about the amazing silent retreat he did," one tweet reads.

"While you were meditating in Myanmar, any revelations on how you're going to stop their [government] and supporters from using your platform?" another user wrote.


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