Macau, Taiwan and Hong Kong Included in China's Dialect Preservation Project

Macau (photo: TripAdvisor)
By Mei ManuelMarch 27th, 2016

The Chinese Ministry of Education is now working on preserving the diverse languages throughout the 34 provinces of China, including those in ethnic minority sites in Macau, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

At least 935 fieldwork sites have been identified by the Ministry of Education and 319 of them are currently finishing their targets within the year.

Macau, Taiwan and Hong Kong will have several fieldwork sites as part of the endeavor with Macau and Hong Kong's fieldwork sites focusing on documenting "the use of the corresponding local dialect". It is yet uncertain when these fieldwork sites would start in progress and the Taiwan fieldwork sites are yet to be discussed in detail.

In Guandong, a province close to Macau and Hong Kong, will have 70 fieldwork sites spread around the province to cover the entire province. Hunan province would also have 80 fieldwork sites to support the project.

The language preservation project was launched by the Chinese Ministry of Education in May 2015 in order to preserve both local and ethnic minority dialects are conserved especially in high risk areas. The ministry also urges communities to build museums preserving the area's culture and language.

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