Christian Singer G.E.M. Releases New Song to Encourage “Ordinary but Warm-hearted Angels” in Epidemic

G.E.M. (photo: G.E.M.'s microblog)
By Ruth WangFebruary 12th, 2020

Another Christian celebrity, G.E.M., released a new song titled "Angels", to honor the unsung heroes who fight in the coronavirus outbreak; this release comes after JJ Lin posted a new piece to encourage disease control workers.

On February 2, 2020, the Mandopop star shared the story behind the song:

"Six days ago, I read an online news article about a young man who hurriedly 'ran away' after giving 500 masks to a police station. Failing to reach him, the police saluted him from a distance. I don't know why this piece moved me so much. Not expecting any reward or praise, he only wanted to contribute a bit during the difficult situation and put in his own effort.

"Later, I saw many affectionate news stories: a farmer rode a rickshaw for 40 kilometers to give vegetables to a medical team; a Wuhan couple sent meals to hospitals around the clock; a father and a son who are both doctors encouraged each other through protective glass; a man born in 1997 and his friends purchased 250,000 instant surgical masks to anonymously donate to Wuhan; and a young person shared the available last box of masks with neighbors.

"Maybe you believe you cannot do much in the general situation, but you never know how much warmth a drop in the bucket brings to the world. In spite of the difficulties, we're lucky to have every courageous worker fighting against the coronavirus on the frontline and every 'backup' who devotes his or her little strength! When you pray to see a miracle, do you believe you are the answer?"

The new MV (music video) features "ordinary angels", presenting scenes of ordinary heroes who give supplies and fight against the epidemic.

- Translated by Karen Luo


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