Stories of Visitation: Transmission of Love, Joy

A woman in a hospital bed.
A woman in a hospital bed. (photo: Parentingupstream/Pixabay )
By Wu Yazi December 17th, 2020

“May the Lord now show you kindness and faithfulness, and I too will show you the same favor because you have done this.” - 2 Samuel 2:6

On December 5, I heard that Sister Ai was sick in the hospital. I remembered that when I was ill and hospitalized, the church visiting group came to care for and help me. I was touched and inspired by their love, and I wanted to bring the love of the Lord Jesus to more people in need. So, I joined the visiting group.

After the Sunday Service, we set off on motorbikes to the County People's Hospital. Sister Ai is the one we visited first. We saw her with tubes all around her nose. Although she had difficulty breathing, she welcomed us as if we were her relatives. Sister Yinxiang, the leader of our visiting group, shook hands with her and encouraged her by saying, “Only Jesus can save you, and a family with Christ is a blessed family. Your children have believed in the Lord under your influence. Your son is sensible and your daughter-in-law is obedient. In the future, we will all have a beautiful hometown”. As she spoke, Sister Ai became excited. It was obvious that she was glad to talk with the brothers and sisters of the church.

Sister Ai had difficulty breathing because of complications with her lungs. She was being fed through a tube, and her family had spent almost all of its savings for her illness. A sister contributed a hundred Yuan.

We sang the hymn "Our God is Great" together, and the whole ward was filled with joy. Then we all prayed for Sister Ai.

As we were leaving, I remembered that when I was ill, someone told me, "God loves you!" At that moment, I was moved by a kind of power and said loudly to her "Get well soon".

After repeating the Lord's Prayer, we went to visit Brother Lv in the hospital.

As soon as Sister Xiao entered the ward, she asked Brother Lv if he had read the Bible. He smiled and replied "No". Then he found the Bible. Sister Xiao asked him a simple question of faith: "Who created all things in the universe?" He smiled embarrassedly and said, "I don't know."

I told him that I did not like to read the Bible before, nor could I understand it. But after listening to sermons, I understand a lot of truth. I told him that he could read from the Book of Proverbs.

Then I shared my testimony with brother Lv. I said, "In 2015, I came to the church for the first time. At that time, I was introverted, self-contemptuous and autistic, but the church accepted me.  This moved me, and I decided to start a new life. I feel that God’s love for me will never be lost because of the kind and loving brothers and sisters. It’s God’s love that attracts me.”

We do not know whether Brother Lv would accept Jesus, but it was the first step for me to preach the Gospel. As a matter of fact, both Sister Ai and Brother Lv need the guidance and love of God as well as the care from the society. And I'm happy that I can take a little time to preach the Gospel.

(The article is originally published by Gospel Times.)

- Translated by Sophia Chen

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