14-Y-O Christian Girl's Original Music Witness How "Genius" is Tempered (1/2)

Chen Jiayin
Chen Jiayin
By Jianan ShiSeptember 20th, 2015

Chen Jiayin, a fourteen-year old Christian girl has been regarded as a gifted child since she was young. By age two, she already knew over two thousand words. By four, she was able to read the Bible and later on began playing the piano and officially became a pianist in local church when she was 8. At five, she was able to write her first poem, she was able to produce over forty original poems and Still in creation. She had read more than a thousand different books as of this writing. Moreover, she has read the Bible over forty times and can recite 12 volume scriptures. She had performed outstandingly well at school, with exceptional grades enough to be called a "genius girl."

On August 30, Chen Jiayin exhibited her original music works in Shenzhen Beauty Hall Christian Church with themes about her lovely relationship and personal testimony of God's wonderful work upon her, her work of arts and music, her talents and her brilliance which resonated through the music she made-- of which Christian workers had the opportunity to witness. They later on relayed the wonderful feeling they get after the event.

Accordingly, Jiayin looked like an angel sent from the heavens and coming down to earth as she marched onto the stage towards the keyboard with her serene and calm smile making hundreds of the congregation in the audience stand in awe and applauded her presence. "Hello, I am Chen Jiayin from Guangzhou, I am 14 years old and I am a sixth generation Christ follower. My parents, as well as my grandparents were priests and they have lived their lives dedicating and preaching the word of God," in a sweet and natural manner she said.

She also relayed in her music her love and faith with Jesus. She desired to translate in her songs the Holy Spirit to touch and move the souls who hear it.

The Christian congregation who were present in the event added that Jiayin sang a dozen of her original songs including "For you," I Love you," "Commit," He anointed my heart," "Are you really happy," "Parents," "In your palm," "The love of Jesus," "Papa" "Cuddle," and a lot more. These songs resounded the stories of Jesus and how He guided her during her stay in the United States-hoping that they will also touch the heart of those who hear and bring hope, courage, inspiration and comfort to them.

Her song entitled "Parents" was especially written for her parents during the time when she badly missed them when she was studying in the US.

Throughout Jiayin's presentation, the whole congregation were very much delighted and joyful, even singing along to each songs through the beautiful melodies in it. The children who were seated at the front row were likewise very exhilarated and excited throughout the show.

After the presentation, Jiayin's mother took the stage and shared how they were able to raise such a gifted and exceptional kid as Jiayin.

She shared that Jiayin's exceptional talent and abilities was generally a gift from God-- that they owe it all from Him. Since Jiayin was little and starting to know God, it was the very time that through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, she was able to gradually develop her abilities even up to that very moment.

She also related how devoted her family generations are, being a Christian follower-from her grandfather who is a pastor, to her aunt for being a prophet, to her father who was a missionary and up to her who is a devout Christian Minister alongside her husband, Jiayin's father. She was able to see and experienced the wonders of God throughout their long time service, and that includes the blessing of a gifted daughter in the person of Jiayin, whom they considered as a miracle from God.

She said "In order for God to bless you and your future family generations, you have to follow the Lord," as she advised the audience.

To Be Continued.

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