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US Former Secretary of Labor, Christian, Elaine Zhao “Seeks Her Roots” and Donates Two Primary Schools in Anhui

US Former Secretary of Labor, Christian, Elaine Zhao “Seeks Her Roots” and Donates Two Primary Schools in Anhui

ByRuth Wang October 20, 2015
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"Although my mother left Anhui many years ago, she has never forgotten her roots or where she was born and rooted." On Oct. 15, US former secretary of Labor, Elaine Chao, a loyal Christian, came back to Chuzhou, Anhui with her father, Zhao Xicheng, and sister, Zhao Anji, to find her "roots".. She also attended the dedication ceremony of "Mulan Kindergarten," a primary school she has donated to Anhui. donated by her. This is journey is not only a journey to finding her roots, but also a part of her commitment to  in which she promotes education and public welfare development.

In the ceremony, Elaine, who grew up in a Christian family, shared the passion her family has for eudcation and the loyalty they have for Chinese traditions. She encouraged people to progress and continue on with perseverance, be optimistic and love.

Elaine Lan Zhao is an Chinese- American who served as the 24th U.S. Secretary of Labor, the first Asian American woman in U.S. History to be part of a U.S. president's cabinet. Her father, Dr. James S.C. Chao (Zhao Xicheng) who is the president of a New York company named called Foremost Shipping. Her mother, Ruth Mulan Zhu Zhao, was born in Laian County, Chuzhou, Anhui Province. The two kindergartens were donated by The Foremost Foundation. 

This is Elaine's third journey to "finding her roots.". In July, 2009, Elaine and her father returned to Laian for the first time to memorialize her mother's grandfather. In November, 2014, along with her father and , sister Angela, and her cameshe returned  to Laian again. This is the third time her father, sister and her backthey journeyed back journey to Laian. They attended the dedication ceremony of the two "Mulan Kindergartens" and visited the place where her mother lived in her childhood.

In the opening ceremony of Ruth Mulan Zhu Zhao Memorial, Elaine spoke  affectionately, "Although my mother left Anhui many years ago, she never forgot her roots or  where she was born and rooted. My parents believe in Chinese philosophy and think education is a key factor inof self- survival and development." She recalled the difficulty and challenges her parents faceds in the beginning of arrivingwhen they first arrived in the United States and hoped more people could learn from her mother, learn her progress with perseverance, optimism and love. Their parents went to the United States at young agesa very young age. They fought throughin difficultiesy and, built their home with hope and hard work. Perseverance, hardworking, optimism and bravery are the source of their strength and hope.

In 2008, Elaine witnessed "God's glory" in the Beijing Jiaotong University. She left her hometown with her parents to a foreign country, the United States. Life was full of hardship and challenges everywhere. She said, "For the help of faith and church, we can always get comfort in Jesus' love. My parents and I me believe that God allows a bright future to wait for us."

In their early arrival, their family was the only Christian Asian family. After meals they went to church nearby and prayed there. As a religious Christians, her father taught her with Christian values. 

"The Christian values strengthened us, helping us survive and stand out. My sisters and I should thank and praise God and my parents for what we have achieved today." Elaine said.

Elaine, such a highly respected figure, thanked and glorified God with everything she had. In a TV interview on Oct. 11, she shared her belief that in believed life, God gives everyone, a unique gift and the chance to, is to develop his or her own potential and realize the value of life to glory God.

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