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China Megachurch Pastor Prays for Lishui Landslide and the Paris Attack, Hangzhou

China Megachurch Pastor Prays for Lishui Landslide and the Paris Attack, Hangzhou

Chongyi Church Chongyi Church
ByGrace Zhi November 23, 2015
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On Nov. 15, Sunday, China Megachurch, Chong Yi Church gave its prayer for Lishui. Joseph Gu, Senior Pastor, prayed to God to comfort the victims' families and bless Lishui Church to live out Christ's love in the difficult time and to give comfort to the victim family.

A landslide hit a village in Lishui, a city in the east China's Zhejiang Province on Nov. 13. Torrents of mud and rock buried about 27 homes. Until now it has caused 26 death and 11 missing. Still over 30 people are stuck in the disaster.

"We pray for Lishui Landslide. Some people have lost their lives and some houses have been buried in ruins. Lord, we beg your mercy to comfort the victims' families. We beg you to bless Lishui Church and to let them live out the love of Christ and to show care and comfort those suffering families. Lord, we pray for them for we know men can't handle natural disasters and if you will, you can stop this." said Rev. Gu.

Meanwhile, Chongyi Church prayed for Paris Attack happened on Nov. 14, saying,"Lord, please stop their evil action and comfort the victims' families as well."

Rev. Gu pointed out that the thing we can see from Lishui Landslide and the Paris Attack is that there is no security in the world and peace lies only in our spirits. "These inspires us to love the Lord deeper and serve the Lord as long as we still have the chance." Said Gu.

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