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Christian Celebrity Participates in the First Organ Transplanting Broadcast, Calling on to Care Pneumoconiosis Patients

Christian Celebrity Participates in the First Organ Transplanting Broadcast, Calling on to Care Pneumoconiosis Patients

Yuan Li Yuan Li
ByRuth Wang January 07, 2016
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Love is accompanying. Christian celebrity Yuan Li participated in the first organ transplanting network broadcast, cheering for the farmer Ren Nengping with pneumoconiosis who received the lung transplantation surgery.

This year, Yuan Li, left the stage for three years, steps into philanthropy and visits pneumoconiosis farmers in distant mountains with the founder Wang Keqin of Love Save Pneumoconiosis , a civil charitable organization, as a volunteer. Yuan Li, the famous female actress and Christian, said she became the volunteer of Love Save Pneumoconiosis out of chosen destiny and God's will.

Chen Jingyu, a doctor who concerns lung transplantation of the team and the vice president of Wuxi People's Hospital shared on his microblog, "today our team gets the message that a patient who died of cerebrovascular disease was willing to donate organs in Guilin, Guangxi on January 5. The team has arrived in Guilin and is evaluating the lung." He thanked the patient and the family.

On January 6, the donated lung was took down at 10:41 and arrived in Wuxi at 11:20 when Ren Neng who was severe ill was anesthetized. At 1pm the surgery began. Wearing a gown, Yuan Liwalked into the operating room with doctors and the surgery is still undergoing.

The reason why Yuan joined the charitable program Love Save Pneumoconiosis is that she was astonished with the miserable reality local pneumoconiosis patients need to face in a visit. According to the statistics provided by the Love Save Pneumoconiosis volunteers, there are 1000 Pneumoconiosis patients in Xiangyang Village, Zhenan County, most of which are incapacity. The patients fell desperate. Some wait quietly to die in hometowns, some who conceal their disease and want to make more money for wives and children in the final moment still stay in mines. Yuan is deeply touched by the patients' life and she became a Love Save Pneumoconiosis volunteer.

Many people see her beautiful life in her philanthropy career. Because of so, she won "2015 Annual Responsible Person". In the award ceremony, she talked about the hard life of pneumoconiosis patients and her hope. She said, "Dozens of wives leave their husbands because they feel desperate and get remarried. They don't want their children and husbands who have pneumoconiosis...I hope China can end pneumoconiosis cause by men in the near future, which is an important symbol that China walks to civilization." 

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