Churches Need to Step Into Society: Christian Celebrity Talks about the Drug Scandal of a Famous Rock Music School

The Scandal
The Scandal
By Deng JiaxinDecember 4th, 2015

"Beijing Midi School of Music was raided by the police. Over three hundred male students were forced to take urine tests and 17 people were taken away. " The scandal happened on the night of Nov. 25 and hit the internet in the morning of Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 26.

A Chinese Christian guitar player from Shenyang, Wang Guanghui, who wants to preach the Gospel through Christian rock music said that churches needed to step into the society to help those young people beyond just prayers after reading about the news. 

After hearing the news, Wang Guanghui responded first with a sign. For such incidents like the students of Midi school taking drugs, Wang believes that praying is definitely what Christians can do, but besides praying, some action should be taken under revelations from God.

A song called Going Out was popular in churches when he was a teenager. Recently he was able to find those believers who sang this song during that time who still sing it but are too old to walk. He found out that some churches were like walls, enclosing Christians inside and keeping others outside. Some Christians stay on the lifeboats, mocking those who jump into water to save people without saving others.

Wang said, "Many people think that going out means going abroad or going to the Arabic world. Yet it is not like that. People around you needs you to go out." In a previous interview, Wang said churches preach the Gospel to college students without knowing them.

He also disclosed that many people, even a teacher, was taking drugs in the local music school. He talked about the history of popular music and drugs. In the early times when rock and roll was prevalent in the United States, Alexander Shulgin, who studied organic chemistry at Harvard University, developed psychedelic drugs called "ecstasy" out of curiosity. After being expelled from school, he went on to sell the drugs in major rock concert scenes and firstly introduced to stars to promote them, causing fans to follow. He spread that it was not enough to have music! Wang said it was one of Satan's tactics.

People around him go to music festivals every year. Wang hears some "messing" about music festivals, not just drugs. In his eyes, people in the music world who are drugs addicts vent their desires through music and students listen to death metal like "bringing to hell," which is very common.

How do we help these young people? Wang thinks Skillet, an American Christian rock band, does well in this. When Skillet found out that dozens of teenagers were attracted to loud rock music, they went to watch a performance of famous Anti-Christian rocker Marilyn Manson to "win as many as possible." They were determined to imitate the band's style and recreate the music with a similar style but with healthy and positive lyrics.

In 2010, Wang joined the Hosanna band, a Christian rock band, whose lyrics convey healthy and positive information which is different from other rock bands. They attended some college students' music festivals, passing positive energy to them, which can't be accepted by some traditional churches or Christians.



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