Testimony of Sister Xu from Xinjiang: God Nourishes My Life

A sister of the youth fellowship shares her testimony in Mingde Church in Sept.
A sister of the youth fellowship shares her testimony in Mingde Church in Sept. (photo: Jianghe Journal )
By Sister XuNovember 2nd, 2016

Editor's note: Three sisters shared their testimony at a gratitude ceremony in a church of Urumqi city in October. The testimony of Sister Xu is as follows.

My family name is Xu. I am a girl from rural areas. I went to a university in Urumqi and started to work in the city after graduation.

My life used to be full of enthusiasm for all things. I worked hard to do everything well.

I used to work in a hospital. I saw all kinds of people every day in the hospital. They suffered from pain and disease. Their families were tortured by the heavy medical expenses. I witnessed the disease and death every day. Some people even die at a young age. 

Everyone who comes to the hospital wears different expressions. You can see feelings of regret, pain, and worry on their face. I was affected by their feelings and had sympathy for them, but I couldn't give them any more help.

I slowly found that my life was lack of something. Every day I just repeated doing the same job like a walking dead. Everything was totally different from my dream and fantasy in the ivory tower. I was confused at the crossroads of my life. I didn't know where to go.

I asked myself whether I had faith. The answer was No. People only pursue money in the society. Should I spend my life just like the majority? I tried to find the answer.

I resigned from the hospital where I felt great pressure. I went to a foreign cosmetics enterprise and felt a completely different corporate culture. The company takes good care of the staff. Every day I was told to be thankful, competitive, tolerant and innovative.

Later I learned that the founder of the company was not ordinary people. She believed in Jesus. It was the first time that I had a little knowledge of Christ. I found that Jesus was able to guide the way of life for men. I had an urge to seek God, hoping he could help me.

Jesus said:" I shall give you anything you pray for. I shall help you find anything you look for. When you knock on my door, I would open the door for you."

My experience of looking for God was amazing. I happened to meet a pastor. He explained the teachings of Christ and showed me how to appreciate God. He also gave me a Bible.

The Bible was a priceless treasure for me. I began to read it as soon as I went home. I started from the Old Testament. I was confused about the names of places and people. The relationship between people was also hard to understand for me. I only insisted reading the Bible for half a month. I lost my patience and confidence.

God didn't leave me. I was his child. In May 2015, I told my friend I used to read the Bible at night, but I couldn't understand it and gave up. My friend told me I could ask her because she was a Christian. She was baptized after graduating from college. She invited me to attend a family church activity on Sunday evening. I was grateful to God that he came to me once again!

I went to the family church with a friend and listened to the sermon. Then I sang hymns and learned to memorize the scripture. I had never felt so happy and peaceful. I opened my heart's door and the light of God came in.

I went to the family church every Sunday afternoon. I gradually took the initiative to recite the scriptures. Although I always forgot the scripture, I had a more profound understanding of the God's words.

Nothing could be done if we give up halfway. At that time I couldn't go to the family church normally due to my job. I didn't continue reading the Bible or memorize scriptures. I was drifting away from God.

I was busy with work all day. I was emotional and often went to extremes. I held a passive attitude towards life. I was like a lost ship in the vast sea.

One day, God reminded me of the good time when I recited the Bible with my brothers and sisters. We learned about scriptures and the will of God together. I went back to the family church. My life was back to normal. Everything was going smooth. God was with me and I felt inner peace in his arms.

In March 2016, I met a sister called Liu Rui. We chatted online. She told me she often went to church to participate in the youth fellowship. I was very curious about the church because I had never been to a formal church. I asked her if I could go with her and she said yes.

I went to the church. I sang hymns and my heart was full of joy. The sermons of the pastor moved me. I thought that I could get what I want in the church. My puzzles were also worked out. I joined in a church group.

On the way home, I was never happier than before. I shared my experience in the youth fellowship. I brought nothing to the church, but God gave me everything. Wang Cheng, one of my friends, changed his religious belief due to the grace of God. Now he is a Christian.

We have set a WeChat group online. In September, a gratitude meeting was held at a sister's home. I was persuaded to sign up for the meeting. It was hard for me to get to the sister's community. I transferred busses for three times. When I finally arrived at the building, I found that I didn't know which floor she lived in.

I asked other brothers and sisters in the WeChat group. I was intended to leave if nobody answered me. Luckily, a sister soon went downstairs to pick me up. God always helps me when I am in difficulty.

I heard the testimony of many brothers and sisters at the gratitude meeting. I was deeply moved by their words. I also realized my shortcomings. I thought I hadn't established a close relationship with God. God gave me so much including the peace and strength. However, my attitude towards God was uncertain. I felt ashamed.

When I got home, I immediately downloaded the Bible and hymns on my cell phone. I used to watch boring TV dramas every night. Now I read the Bible and listen to hymns before going to bed. I listened to God's will and prayed. I planned to build a close relationship with God.

When we pray, we have spiritual communication with God and God also listen to our wishes.

It was becoming colder and colder. I didn't want to work far away, so I decided to find a job near my home. I prayed that God would make my wish come true.

God let us pray. He created the heaven and earth. He is full of grace. We should rely on God.

Not a few days later, I saw a lady with a heavy bag on my way home. I wanted to help her since God told us to love others. The lady was very grateful. We chatted on the road. When she knew I was looking for a job nearby, she warmly invited me to work in her shop.

I was happy and surprised that God reacted to my prayer so quickly.  I worried that I didn't have related working experience. The lady didn't mind at all. I saw the working place, which is near my community. I agreed to work there.

I was meant to help other people, according to God's will. Finally, I got a greater blessing. When I came home that night, I prayed to thank God for his blessing. I was sure that as long as I trust God, everything would be smooth.

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve Him. There was a brother in the church who had a liver disease. One day he was sent to the intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital. His child was only one-month-old and the daily cost of ICU was very high. We all prayed for him every day.

Three days later, the brother was out of danger and transferred to the general ward. We were happy that God showed us his power and compassion. I strengthened my faith in God.

There are no ups and downs in my Christian life. God always takes me forward and gives me grace. When I am lost, he helps me find myself; when I leave Him, he still loves and accompanies me; when I feel empty or helpless, He comes to help me and fulfill my life.

I am truly blessed. I would like to thank Jesus for saving me. I will continue to seek God on the way of life.

"He appears as the morning light. He nourishes us like a rain." I will preach the gospel and bring more people to the heaven of God in order to reward the grace of God.

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