Christian Celebrity Liao Zhi to Her Friend: God Holds Your Hand

Liao Zhi
Liao Zhi (photo: Liao Zhi)
By Ruth WangJuly 21st, 2017

Many Christians desire for their bosom friends to know Jesus and walk with him.

Christian celebrity Liao Zhi shared a long blessing titled "To My Intimate Friend" released on Weibo, the Chinese twitter, on July 13, 2017.

The Christian celebrity, who still dances even after losing her legs below the knees in the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, wrote, "Don't be afraid or distressed because you have held the hands you want the most, the warm and powerful hands that never let go once they hold you. While you can't see who the owner of the hands really is, He indeed holds your hands. What's more, He desires to hold you in His arms to give you rest in every frustrating and exhausting moment."

She continued, "Don't feel that nobody cares for you. The Lord and the confidant love you dearly. Moreover, your Lord will teach your friend to love you better despite her always failing to meet the standards. The comforting thing is that your Lord loves you more than ten thousand times more than you expect... I'm afraid that you believe that your Lord only wants from you without praising you, so you may feel double the pain when you work hard. I believe that He must have a deeper appreciation of your efforts even than I do! -- Although our efforts sometimes seem a bit awkward and funny and we doubt that our deeds are good enough, I'm grateful that the Lord knows everyone's heart."

She finished with a blessing. "May our Father grant you peace in your heart! Yes, this is the greatest blessing in your life." 

Translated by Karen Luo

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