Jeremy Lin Encourages youth to Dream with PSA

Screenshot from the film "the Last Pick"
Screenshot from the film "the Last Pick" (photo: Tecent Video )
By Ruth WangAugust 30th, 2017

Recently a  public service announcement shot by the Jeremy Lin Foundation named "The Last Pick" got a lot of attention and praises in China. A Christian official WeChat account commented, "The pictures are very soothing."

The film told that the Brooklyn Nets guard helped a black boy realize his basketball dream. Through the process, the child had more confidence and courage to pursue dreams.

The black teenager felt disappointed that his elder brother excluded him from the basketball team even after practicing a lot. He even wanted to give up basketball. At that time, Jeremy Lin who was having physical training saw him. He encouraged the boy and trained with him. He said, "Well, you're young. You're gonna keep growing. Just try to get better every day."

However, it was not easy to succeed. The boy encountered a setback in the training and Lin told him that a success was not achieved easily in this cruel reality. It surprised the other boys in his community that Lin partnered with him, the shortest child, in a ball game. Eventually, the boy's successful shot earned their respect. 

The film then went to a scene where the Houston Rockets Lin played for lost the match. Then his cell phone rang. There was a message from the boy: "You're young and you're going to keep growing. Just remember to keep getting better every day." 

Helping others helps yourself. Lin hoped to give children and youngsters the courage to chase their dreams and develop leadership.  

- Translated by Karen Luo


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