Abandoned Christian Orphan Realizes Dream to Study Theology

A teenage girl
A teenage girl (photo:699pic.com)
By Zhang XiaohuaNovember 25th, 2020

A girl abandoned by her parents has been admitted to Yanjing Theological Seminary at the age of 20. 

Recently the head of her church in Nanshangguan Village, Houma City, China's northern Shanxi told the good news that N has realized her dream of attending a seminary. 

On the early morning of June 11, 2000, a few villagers went to work in the fields near the airport, and suddenly they heard the cry of a baby. They looked and found a newborn baby girl with a cleft lip and palate. Everyone shook their heads helplessly and left the scene. It rained heavily that night. The next day they went to work in the fields again, and this time they put the cardboard boxes where the baby was lying in under some leaves for shelter. On the third morning, they went to work and heard the child crying again. In the evening, they came to Elder Chang Yongtai in the village church and described the situation.

The elder's family had already adopted three disabled children. As soon as they heard about the baby, he and his wife Hao Fengqin (the head of the church for many years) immediately decided to get the child, bring her to their home and raise her. A grandson, son-in-law, and a sister brought the child to their home on June 14. The child, who is now grown, is Sister N.

The church elders served the Lord faithfully and enthusiastically preached the gospel. In a short time, many people in the village believed in the Lord. They adopted two mentally disabled persons from the social welfare office. They were unable to take care of themselves. They have had these disabled persons in their home for more than 20 years. After Sister N was adopted, the old couple ignored the ridicule of the villagers and took care of their three disabled children, even though they lived in poverty. Another believer in the village also raised an abandoned girl who was born without a foot. They took care of her before she was transferred to a social welfare institution in the city. She was adopted by an American family a few years ago. Later, the people in the village changed their opinions and began to say, "If there are orphans, send them to the church."

In this special family, from childhood Sister N enjoyed special care and heard the gospel and in the church. When she was a child, believers in the surrounding villages often gave clothes, food, and money, and many prayed for her. She had two successful corrective surgeries and received rehab treatments.

After enrolled in high school, she had a desire to devote herself to God and study theology. God answered her prayer, and she was accepted to a three-year Bible study class in the provincial capital. She signed up for the theological entrance exam this year and was finally admitted to Yanjing Theological Seminary on the eve of National Day.

Hearing the good news, an 80-year-old brother in Linfen phoned to congratulate her and said he would provide funding in the future.

(The original article is published by Gospel Times.)

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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