'Be Victor in the Workplace': Laywoman Wang Huilin’s Testimony (Part I)

Wang Hulin read the Bible.
Wang Hulin read the Bible.
By JonahOctober 20th, 2021

"Going to church to serve God every Sunday is my happiest day after six days of work," said Wang Huilin in an interview.

Wang Huilin, who became a Christian in 2002, gained victory through the Lord in the difficult workplace. 

"If I hadn't come to the church and believed in the Lord, I would still idle away my days with many difficulties and no achievements. If the Lord hadn't given me grace, I wouldn't be as happy and healthy as I am now. In the journey of life, gaining victory through the Lord let me have optimism and an enterprising spirit in my work, and provide a happy life for my family of three people. Thank God!"

I. Successful to get rid of depression

In 2002, which was 19 years ago, Wang completely turned to a new life. The experience of that year is still fresh in her mind.

With her physical discomfort and many frustrations in her work, she, approaching 30 at that time, became depressed and frustrated. Wang often stayed at home all day and didn't want to go out for anything. This caused her to be particularly grumpy. Her husband could only take care of all family stuff while working. She said, "My home was a mess in the first half of 2002."

One day in May 2002, an aunt of hers came to visit her. When she saw the chaotic home and her faintness, she said, "Come with me to church and believe in Jesus. Maybe only God can change you."

It was on that day she followed her aunt to the church. When they arrived, the choir was rehearsing hymns. She sat there, hearing beautiful songs that she had never heard before like a gurgling stream, feeling relaxation she never experienced before. The melodies aroused her desire for a better life.

"From then on, I ran to the church whenever I had the time. Although I can't read music or sing, I especially like to stay in the joyful atmosphere of the church choir. In every rehearsal, the beautiful melody and touching lyrics of the hymn made me feel happy like a bird flying into the spring woods. In this way, I began to learn to sing hymns with others, and continued to practice hard after I went home," she explained. 

After some learning, Wang passed the examination and officially joined the church choir. It is also wonderful that her physical discomfort and bad temper for over half a year vanished. One day in July of that year, Wang came to Wootchuen Church on the south bank of the Weihe River in the urban area, and was baptized with many seekers from the whole city and became a Christian.

II. She gained a firm foothold in a job.

"Thanks to my heavenly father for choosing me to be his child in the vast sea of people." Wang sighed. After serving in the choir for eight years, she encountered another problem in 2010. At that time she was a kindergarten teacher, working shifts in the morning and evening, she was often unable to participate in the choir practice on Mondays and Wednesdays. As she could only choose work or serve in the choir, Wang resolutely quit her job as a stable and well-paid preschool teacher and got a job in an insurance company with free time.

Wang worked as a policy salesperson in an insurance company. In her new job, she has always been strict with herself, being honest and doing things seriously according to the Bible. In only a short time, her work life had greatly improved. She was able to complete the work tasks according to the planned schedule, got along well with her colleagues, and gradually was able to independently win big orders assigned by the company. In various appraisals, her performance and the number of policy contracts signed often came out on top, and she has been commended and rewarded by the company on many occasions. She also shared her working methods and experiences in several exchange meetings.

"I know that it is the wisdom and drive that the Lord has given me so that I can gain a firm foothold in my new job in a short time."

Working hours in insurance companies are relatively loose, so Wang can arrange her time freely as needed. She no longer delayed in serving God in the church choir. She also had the time to do housework and accompany her son in completing his study and homework.

"I know this is the grace and power of God. If it wasn't for God's help, I couldn't have done this job for ten years by now."

III. She exploded superstition by outperforming other colleagues. 

At one time, the company made a large-scale policy promotion at the end of the year. In order to improve the contract signing conversion rate, the leaders repeatedly stressed that the customers should be told that this policy product has been blessed by the leadership of the whole company in a mountain temple with flourishing incense, and it has also been consecrated. The company even stipulated that this must be emphasized when meeting customers. The purpose was to convince customers that this policy product is possessed by gods and has supernatural abilities.

When Wang heard this, she thought of the first two of the Ten Commandments, "First, you shall have no other gods before Me and the second one is that you shall make no idols."

"I think I am a Christian, and I can't say blasphemous words according to the requirements of the company. Because I know that what I believe in is the only true God with supreme glory."

After the meeting, Wang immediately went to the office and said to the leader, "I am a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ. I can't tell customers such things as praying to Buddha and consecration." The leader accepted this but stressed that she must show her achievements.

Before going to work every day, she would kneel down at home and pray to God for his guidance and supply. In every product promotion, she would not confuse things, but introduce products as they were and answer every question raised by customers.

Amazingly, after the sales promotion, Wang broke her record in the policy performance, outperforming others in the task and ranking top again. Later, some colleagues quietly asked her about what her secrets were. Wang proudly said, "I have the supreme true God to lead me and help me!" The colleagues were surprised at the wonderful god she believed in.

To be continued...

(The writer of this article is a special contributor to Gospel Times Northwest China.)

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