Disabled Woman Thanks God for Healing Her Husband

A pastor holds a man's hand.
A pastor holds a man's hand.
By Yang ShujunSeptember 20th, 2022

My husband was healed by the Lord several times when he fell ill because of prayer, despite who I'm severely disabled and paralyzed in bed. 

After eating dinner a few days ago, my husband was watching TV when he said, “Something must be wrong after I ate dinner, and my stomach hurts.”

I said, “No way, but I’m all right after eating the meal.” I prayed for him, asking the Lord to forgive his sins and heal his disease.

After some time, he suddenly got up and went out. I heard him vomiting badly, like a case of food poisoning. I prayed for him again. In the meanwhile, I called the village doctor, telling him about the situation. The doctor said that my husband might have acute gastroenteritis... But my husband said: “No need to bother the doctor. I feel better after vomiting.”

I still prayed for him, saying, “Lord, please have mercy on us. If it is because of sin, please forgive him, or disease, please heal him. You know our situation. Since I can’t move and our children are not at home, give me peace, please. Praise the Lord!”

On Chinese New Year’s Eve in 2006, my son around 17 came back from working for his second aunt. My husband said, “I don’t have much time left in this world...”

More than a month ago, my husband went down to the sweet potato kiln. After a while, he came out of the place quickly when he found himself couldn’t breathe. Because of that event, he always thought he had been ill. He went to the street to ask those quack doctors for several doses of medicine, seeing no good effect. Then I prayed. I also made a wish to the Lord for him. From then on, taking no medicine, he recovered.

On the seventh day of the first lunar month in 2015, my husband said he had a stomach ache and the pain was terrible. Our children were at home and took him to the township hospital. They called me, telling me that the doctor there said it might be appendicitis. However, the equipment in that hospital wasn’t superior enough to do the operation. As a result, my husband had to be sent to the county hospital. I prayed for him first, then I called the elders, asking them to help pray for him.

The doctor also got him some medicine to ease the symptoms. He still felt pain after having the medicine. In addition, he had a little fever, suffering from alternating spells of fever and chills. By the time he slept, he was still in pain. I suggested that he drink two small bottles of bupleurum oral liquid, and he followed. 

In the middle of the night, I told him to go to Tanghe County People’s Hospital for the operation tomorrow, but he refused. I said to him, “Our children at home can take care of you these days. What if they go to work in a few days and you’re in pain again? I’m not able to help you, but I have to be helped.”

I prayed and asked the Lord to help arrange it. Near dawn, I asked him if he would go to the hospital. He said he would attend the gathering in Huangwan, a big praise gathering, instead of going to the hospital. After breakfast, he went to the gathering and has been well ever since. Thank God for his mercy and healing!

(The author is a severely disabled sister who lives in Tanghe, Henan Province.)

- Translated by Stephen Huang

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