Blind Massage Therapist Experiences God's Abundant Grace

A picture of a blind Christian named Huoshi
A picture of a blind Christian named Huoshi
By HuoshiMarch 3rd, 2023

In the winter of 2006, Brother Huoshi was found to have a malignant tumor the size of an egg, growing in the place where the thalamic nerves are most concentrated. So, the experts said that the surgery was very risky and that there was no way to get rid of it completely because it would keep coming back like a leek. Even if the operation happened to be successful, the patient would not live more than a year at most.

At that time, his father gave him everything he had to send him to the best hospital in the country for surgery, then quit his job to take care of him at home.

When someone came to his house to tell him about Jesus, his parents grasped at this life-saving straw. So they took him around to various church meetings, asking pastors, elders, preachers, and believers from various churches to pray for him.

At first, he was stubbornly unconvinced of the gospel until he was on his dying bed, about to take his last breath, not knowing when he got blind or when he humbled himself.

During his illness, the church leaders and some brothers and sisters who loved the Lord often visited him at home and prayed for him.

Previously, he had not been able to read the Bible and was repulsed by it. But one day, when his mother read the Bible to him, he was instantly drawn to the words of the Lord Jesus. He began asking his mother to read the Bible to him more often. Through daily Bible reading, prayer, and praise, he became determined to believe in the Lord.

His health condition also improved dramatically; he went from almost taking his last breath to having an increased appetite. In just over 20 days, he went from being completely reliant on his parents for food, drink, and clothing to being able to sit, stand, walk, run, jump, and dance!

After recovering, he went to the hospital for a follow-up examination and was surprised by the results. There was no medical treatment for this extremely severe form of brain cancer. Even with all kinds of treatment, the patient would still end up dead.

All parts of Brother Huoshi's body were restored, except for the eyes.

He loves listening to the radio and happened to listen to Liangyou Radio, a Christian broadcasting service based in Hong Kong. After hearing about marriage counseling and how unmarried Christians should fall in love, he secretly began to pray for his marriage.

Several years later, he listened to a program on the radio called "Hand in Hand Hotline" and met a blind presenter called Xiangqi. He often prayed for her, hoping that she too would become a Christian and serve the Lord.

Later, when listening to her program, he found that she was a sister of the Lord, and his heart rejoiced. Once, he sent a message to greet his sister and put forward some of his own ideas: to spread the gospel on this platform so that our disabled friends would have no disabilities in their hearts and become completely healthy.

One day, he got a call out of the blue from Sister Xiangqi, who told him why he shouldn't preach the gospel from the platform. He had been praying for his marriage during that time, and little did he know that she would later become his wife. They were very different in terms of education, age, occupation, and geographical location, but because they shared the same faith, they established a harmonious family.

Later, the sister had to return to Beijing for work, and he moved there with her. At first, all they did was invite their families over for dinner and get a marriage certificate. It was not until they attended a couple's wedding in a church that the pastor of the church learned of their idea to have their wedding in a church and took charge of their wedding. Not only did the church waive all the venue fees, but they also arranged the wedding banquet for them across the street from the church.

In Beijing, he and his wife lived independently and did their own laundry and cooking. The journey was difficult, but they were more than conquerors through the Lord, who loves them. 

At first, they were renting a staff dormitory for 1,300 RMB per month, which is an extremely cheap price in the center of Beijing. Later, they moved to a house with easy access to transportation for only 1,200 RMB. Later, they rented a house owned by a brother in a five-star, high-end neighborhood. The house had a big living room and a big balcony.

Brother Huoshi also had a brush with death in Beijing. He had a broken white cane at home, and his wife had advised him to get rid of it and replace it with a good one. He did not listen to several attempts to persuade him to throw it away and replace it with a good one, and he almost died because of the cane.

Once, while waiting for a train in a subway station, this half-broken, poorly probing white cane caused him to fall headfirst into the subway track, which was two or three meters deep, surrounded by high-voltage electricity, and in front of a moving train. He was saved in time, but he got a hard blow to the head. The hospital said he had severe intracranial bleeding of 90% or more, and other believers prayed hard for him.

A few days later, he went to the hospital for reexamination and found that his body had recovered very well. The massive intracranial hemorrhage stopped on its own, and even though he didn't get any treatment for it, he got better faster than many people who were in the hospital.

During the pandemic, when everyone was stuck at home, they saw what God had planned and made sure they had enough supplies. Before the lockdown lasting more than one month in Xi'an, they purcahsed enough fruit, vegetables, and even snacks. 

- Translated by Nonye Nancy 

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