Fujian Christian Doctor Donates to Disabled Couple

A picture of Dou Guizheng and his wife sitting in wheelchairs in Flower Lane Church, Fuzhou, Fujian
A picture of Dou Guizheng and his wife sitting in wheelchairs in Flower Lane Church, Fuzhou, Fujian
By Lin MuliMarch 13th, 2023

A Christian doctor who has retired and is now living in Fujian Province on China's southeast coast donated money to a Christian couple in wheelchairs.

During the three-year pandemic, Huaxiang (or Flower Lane) Church in Fuzhou held online gatherings most of the time. On March 5, a Sunday worship service could finally be held in person Dou Guizheng and his wife, who both use wheelchairs and are paralyzed, also got to the position prepared for them early and waited for the worship to start.

During the service, Rev. Chen Lifu preached a sermon with the theme of "Pray for Confidence", exhorting worshippers with the story of the disabled couple who "were full of sunshine on their faces every day after believing in the Lord." Then they attended the communion service together.

After the service, a female believer named Su Biying handed over Dr. Du Xuanye’s money to the couple.

Du, an 87-year-old Christian, is the chief physician of obstetrics and gynecology at Fuqing Hospital, with her whole family members being believers. She practiced for many years and treated many patients. With more than 50 years in gynecological medicine and nearly 30,000 operations without any accidents, she was selected by the Fujian Xinhua News Agency Branch for the "Fujian Hall of Fame or Heor-Model Records in Fujian."

Frequently, Dr. Du donates the Bible, hymnals, and chairs to the meeting place in the community. Preaching the gospel to acquaintances, relatives, and friends, she also offered RMB 100,000 for the new Fuhua Church in Fuqing City. Some time ago, Du learned from the Gospel Times about the deeds of the Dou couple and decided to help them, so she entrusted a friend to transfer the donation to them.

 - Translated by Oliver Zuo

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