Pastor Sun's Legendary Faith Journey: Gift of Healing

Two hands contacting through the light of love.
Two hands contacting through the light of love. (photo:
By Xiao YanMarch 27th, 2024

Editor’s note: Pastor Sun, who ministers in Shaanxi Province, has led over 70 members of his family to salvation after his own conversion. He completely dedicated himself to the Lord after a 15-year journey of suffering. Over the years, his ministry has witnessed numerous acts of God's healing, bringing relief to patients with various challenging and complex diseases.

In Sun’s youth, he studied medicine for several years and acquired plantar reflexology. Sun joined the "Healing and Deliverance Course" in 2009 after dedicating himself fully to the Lord. During the session, an elderly preacher concluded, "If you believe, you will receive," which struck Mr. Sun's heart. In closing, the old preacher blessed him with a laying on of hands, praying to God to use him to cure more.

Sun's ministry for the following ten years primarily focused on the church. He would only treat patients who came to his door, basically free of charge. His medical ministry officially started as more people sought medical care during the pandemic in 2020.

One believer suffered a shoulder injury in childhood, resulting in inadequate arm growth on one side. Pastor Sun asked God for proof since he didn't believe such a condition could be cured. On one outing, a tire on his tricycle got flat, and it couldn't move a little. He prayed to God, "If you allow me to heal this man, let me ride the tricycle home." Despite having a flat wheel, he managed to get home. He started treating his brother. Over more than a year, the blood gradually circulated in the man's malfunctioning arm. Finally, the muscle grew to the same thickness as the normal one.

Sun has a daily habit of getting up at four a.m. to pray for his patients. However, he does not generally pray for healing (as opposed to conventional intercession prayers), believing that it requires the involvement of the Holy Spirit. If he feels it, healing may occur with just one or two prayers; otherwise, his prayers remain as regular intercessions alongside conventional treatment.

One time, Pastor Sun prayed two times for a Christian woman who suffered from both breast cancer and cervical cancer, but he felt no Spirit's guidance. On the edge of giving up, the Spirit prompted him to pray a third time, leading to the miraculous healing of the woman.

Within a few years, through divine healing, Sun has led more than a hundred patients to the Lord. Sun’s medical ministry was only among Christians initially. Later, non-believers were drawn to seek help. Patients also queue at Sun's home, which has an atmosphere that is less anxious and depressed than hospitals. Christians exchange their faith testimonies, or Scriptures, which all serve as gospel seeds in the minds of nonbelievers.

A patient with kidney illness has been on dialysis all year, but his condition has recently deteriorated. He recently traveled for medical treatment with a Christian family member and made the decision to follow Christ. Another patient, a college research institute director with "melanosis," which couldn’t be healed in the hospital, turned to Sun in desperation. Initially having heart disease and pulmonary nodules, both conditions were healed eight months ago. Now, she fervently serves in the church.

God's healing extends beyond physical illnesses to people's hearts. A Buddhist gangster once sought treatment and renounced Buddhism under Sun’s suggestion, "You will get better soon if you give up on Buddhism." However, no improvement was seen despite ten days of treatment. Pastor Sun then led him to pray to Jesus, which resulted in a successful healing after a week.

In addition to serving the sick God sent, Pastor Sun bore witness to Him in the hospital in the early years. Sun went to the hospital in 2014 for surgery after suffering from retinal detachment in both eyes and losing his vision when it became critical. While hospitalized, he often chatted with the patients, shared the gospel, or sang hymns of praise. Beside him lay a 70-year-old elderly man whose eyes continued to ache even after the operation. Sun prayed for him, relieving the pain immediately, which led to the old man's embrace of Christianity on the spot. This miracle healing spread throughout the floor, drawing other patients to seek Sun’s help.

When preaching the gospel to his patients, Sun avoids bombastic talk on complex principles in favor of simple and relatable conversations that lead people to God’s existence. If the audience responds positively, he will proceed to the final judgment and eternal life. Pastor Sun will assist those who recover and decide to stay Christian in finding a church nearby.

(The article was originally published by the Gospel Times and the author is a Christian in Shaanxi.)

- Translated by Poppy Chan 

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