Theological Seminary in China held special prayer meetings for Nepal

By Daisy LiuAugust 6th, 2015

Both Nanjing Union Theological Seminary and Yanjing Theological Seminary held special prayer meetings for the stricken areas in Nepal and Tibet, after the strong magnitude 8.1 earthquake stike Nepal and the district of Shigatse which is in Tibet on April, 25th.

Nanjing Union Theological Seminary respectively held the activity of "Pray and Dedication for the earthquake zones which in Nepal and Tibet",and candlelight prayer meeting of "Pray and Blessing for the earthquake zones which in Nepal and Tibet", wishing the people of the stricken areas will get out of the shadow of the suffering as soon as possible.

Yanjing Theological Seminary held the prayer meeting which was titled "Implore Lord, blessing and having mercy on us". They prayed for the victims and those who were trapped in the earthquake, for the medical clerks who were worked in the disaster zones, for the government will have enough confidence and wisdom to handle. Furthermore, the students and teachers particularly prayed for the church and saints in Nepal, wishing the church and saints can be the witnesses of Lord in the disaster, may God gave them the peace and courage, in the confidence which came from God, to comfort and encourage their neighbors.

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