Testimony of Ji Zhongming: when " famous Christian musician " turns to be a pastor

Pastor Ji zhongming
Pastor Ji zhongming
By Jianan ShiSeptember 4th, 2015

The first time I saw the card of Pastor Ji Zhongming, I was amazed at it. It is hard to imagine that a pastor could also be an evangelist, Dean of the theological faculty, and music producer, pianist, conductor and music educator and "media oasis" director. But he made it. And it was not because he had the superman power, but because he was willing to walk with God, to grasp every opportunity given by God, and to open every door which God set for him. All the things above forged his rich life now.

In 1984, Ji Zhongming graduated from the central Baptist Theological Seminary in Canada and then went on to study philosophy. In 1985, he graduated from the Department of Philosophy of the University of Waterloo in Canada. After graduation, he served in the church of Toronto for four years;but when he experienced God's call, he devoted himself to music and mass media and  transferred to the Gospel Ministry. In 1986, he established "Enyu sound" in Canada which uses TV and radio to preach the gospel.

He became a full-time music composer since he came back to Hong Kong in 1992. He promoted the ministry of praise and worship in Hong Kong and held hundreds of trainings about music, praise and worship. Ji Zhongming had also become the preacher of Hong Kong artist fellowship to guide the television and the singing artists from 1992 to 1996. Later, in order to focus on the work of praise and worship by mass media, he set up the Multi-Media Oasis in September 2001(formerly known as the famed Gospel television), and actively participated in and promoted the use of stage for the pulpit. In 2009, he completed all the courses and was awarded the pastoral doctorate (D. min) degree of Bakke University in America.

In addition, Dr. Ji had written The Way and Challenge for the Worship of the Chinese Community in the Contemporary Chinese Society, and The Updated Practical Guide Book on Praise and Worship .As Dr Ji also wrote CHORD & RHYTHM DYNAMICSMOOD MAKING and the guidee to pianist in Modern Church because he hoped to train more pianists for the church.

Pastor Ji had 30 years of experience in the music ministry. Although he is willing to devote himself to God to preach the gospel around and to shuttle back and forth to serve a variety of positions, but in fact he determined not to be a preacher since he was young.

Determined not to be a preacher since he was young; but eventually engaged in full-time Ministry

Ji Zhongming grew up in a Christian family and his father was a pastor. He saw the dedication of his father to the church since his childhood. He thought that it was very hard work, so he was determined not to be a preacher.

However, life was not determined by ourselves because there is a higher authority controlling us. During his growing process, he experienced  extraordinary grace. Therefore, at the age of 18, he decided to devote his life to God and set foot on the road that he once  resisted.

In 1985, he became a first full-time ministry by being a young preacher. Besides that, he established the Doulos band and the Enyu sound in his spare time.

Four years later, he began to do  full-time evangelism, using media as a gospel channel with the guidance of God. He began to use television as media to preach the gospel in Canada in 1986. In 1992, he returned to Hong Kong and composed  a lot of worship songs with nine years of time, such as You are the King, Praise from the Heaven to the Earth, The High Priest, etc. Chinese believers are familiar with that kind of classical poetry. Until now, God led him to serve God through praise, worship and video media.

Multi-media Oasis was established in 2001, which encourages using  music, film and television to praise and worship God. It used the most effective way to spread the gospel message in every corner.

Multi-media Oasis was aimed to use music, film, worship and praise and other media channels to  preach the gospel so that more and more non-believers could have a new life and the believers could also worship God and receive  blessings. After he set up 4D-A Worship Center, he led a group of believers to explore the worship of the release of the whole person.

It seemed that the transfer about Ji Zhongming during each period was like the door opened inadvertently. He came to see the station's general manager, then took a session to be a host over and started the "Enyu Sound" which spread the gospel through the waves of media. He was able to make a TV program called Enyu Sound because competitors gave up the interview. After he came back to Hong Kong, a successful music congregation called praise and worship opened another new road for him. In fact, all those opportunities were arranging for him by God. And he also seized those opportunities, had the courage to do it, and constantly opened up new areas, and tried new ways to preach the gospel.

 Designing PACC worship mode to create 4D-A Worship Center

Ji Zhongming could be described as "never stop" on the way of the music worship because he continued to explore more effective way of worship. When he reviewed the road of his own poetry, he roughly divided it into three periods. The first period was just the time when he came back to Hong Kong and sang the ballad, such as  Lord, I would like and so on; the second period is the  peak of creation of praise and worship, and he wrote a number of popular poetry; the feature of the third period was the varied and fused style of music with founding of multi-media oasis.

Today, his philosophy of worship is more mature after more than ten years of exploration and practice. According to Isaiah 6:1-8 of the Bible, he designed PACC worship mode - Praise (praise), Adoration (worship), Confession (confession) and Commitment (determination). He believes that the pattern mentioned above can not only lead the congregation into the state of worship and praise but can also reflect the true meaning of worship.

4D-A worship center started the first service of worship since its foundation in March this year. And it is should be set up to meet the population's demands. Ji Zhongming explained the meaning of 4D-A to CCD reporters, "4 D has the respective meaning. They are direct, the direct and empty life; dynamic, the power and influence of life; drill, the professional service; drive, the pursuit of God from your heart. And A comes from the Greek Ainesis, meaning praise."

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