Over 400 Seniors Attend Changsha South Church Seniors’ Day Thanksgiving Activity

The Seniors' Day
The Seniors' Day (photo: Changsha South Church)
By Deng JiaxinOctober 28th, 2015

Changsha South Church held the 2015 Seniors' Day Thanksgiving activity on Oct 20. Over 400 senior people above the age of 60 were in attendance.

The activity began with the choir's performance of “Young Friends Come to Meet.” Part of the activities included a Bible Quiz and adorning the senior brothers and sisters with  "Rejoice in the Lord" ribbons and the big red flowers. The church arranged them to sit in front of the church and also prepared small gifts for them.

According to the Changsha South Church's official website, the church holds the Seniors' Day once a year. Last year, the Seniors' Day was held outdoors. The church organized 13 buses to drive over 600 seniors  to Meixi Lake and Peach Blossom Hill Park. Last 2012 the Seniors' Day was also held outdoors and had around 600 senior Christians in attendance.

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