Free Medical Clinic Carried Out by Xiamen CCC/TSPM

The Staff
The Staff (photo: Xiamen CCC&TSPM)
By Grace ZhiOctober 29th, 2015

On Oct. 18, upon the arrival of the Double Ninth Festival, Xiamen CCC&TSPM group togehter with the Jimei Villiage Community to carry out the Free Medical Clinic activity which provided free clinic for the seniors and people in the community.

According to the Xiamen CCC&TSPM official website, P. Wu Ruizhang of Xiamen CCC&TSPM led a team of nine doctors who are all chief physicians of tertiary hospitals. The clinic included departments of vasculocardiology, orthopedics, hepatology, galactophore, and gynecology. The doctors also measured the blood pressure, monitored the bone density of the seniors and provided health consultancy services.

271 people went to the clinic. The activity reveals Christian churches' value of loving both God and their neighbor.

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