Shenyang Xita Church Restart “Shepherd System”, Selecting Students to Study Systematic Theology

Shenyang Xita Church
Shenyang Xita Church (photo: Shenyang Xita Church)
By Deng JiaxinNovember 6th, 2015

After the 22th Shepherd Class of 2013, Shenyang Christian Xita Church restarted its "Shepherd System" recently. The Chinese Department of Xita Church published the news that in the following twelve weeks of this term, the church will select students from every team to study systematic theology on its wechat platform "God's Glory".

It is reported that Dongyuan Church, Tiexi Church and Hunhebao Church of Shenyang are the churches that study "Shepherd System". The senior pastor of Hunhebao Church said there were no appropriate shepherd traditions left in the history of Chinese churches, but only large evangelistic rallies, retreats and services left. "The Shepherd System is the shepherding way of churches to shepherd believers steps by steps, according to the bible and Christian traditional doctrine and canon." He said.

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