A 100-Year-Old Church in a High School Campus, Constructed by Western Missionaries

Official leader visits Daoshegntang
Official leader visits Daoshegntang (photo: GospelTimes)
By Issachar LiApril 7th, 2016

Being ancient Capital of six dynasties and Metropolis of ten dynasties of old China, the historical city Nanjing is the capital city of Jiangsu Province. A cathedral combined by Chinese and Western Missionaries in a high school campus, located in downtown of Nanjing, is attracting public attention.

By the end of this March, leader of Nanjing Municipal Standing Committee and the United Front Depatment visited this over 100yo Daoshengtang.

Xu Jinhui, leader of Nanjing Municipal Standing Committee, came up with some claim of continuing to protect the Chinese and western combined precious historical architecture totally.

Before that, on the morning of Marth 9th,when Gulou district Municipal Standing Committee and the United Front Depatment leader Ding Jiansheng visited its new site,he said that we have to value the long history of Daoshengtang, massiness substantial history material and John Magee and other celebrities information, well manage substantial history material museum and inherit hundreds of history on the previous base.

Daoshengtang, which name's meaning is to win over the world with the help of the Truth, was constructed by American Anglican Church in 1915. Its apperance was Chinese ancient style. Daosheng school, associated with Daoshengtang, is also one of the root of of Nanjing the Twelfth Middle School.

In1992, the previous site of Daoshengtang were added to the list of Nanjing cultural relics protection units. In 2009,Daoshengtang was removed to the Sancha River Golou village, which was about 3000 square metres in total , capable to accomdate 1000 persons and was re-opened in 2014. In August 2015, almost every church in Golou district gathered in new site of Daoshengtang and celebrated the 70th Anniversary of Victory of Resistance against Japan and the World Anti-fascit War, with peacefully praying and concerts.

Translated by: Liu Jun

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