2016 Taiwan and Korean Pastoral Summit Held in Seoul

By Ruth WangAugust 8th, 2016

The two-day Taiwan and Korean Pastoral Summit was held in Seoul, South Korea on July 25 and 26. More than 20 pastoral leaders from Taiwan and South Korea discussed and explored new opportunities for unity and mission, plus the revival of East Asian faith.

The summit originated from the suggestion proposed by Taiwan Dandelion Hope Foundation and the Ezra Ministry Institute (EMI) to Pastor Young Hoon Lee, the leader of Yoido Full Gospel Church as the two groups said that more communication should be done to expect a positive improvement of unity and mission promotion in both countries. 

According to the Chinese Christian Tribune, Rev. Zhang Hanye, the president of EMI, shared that the summit was held to unite the churches in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and the Chinese mainland to influence the growth of faith in Asia as the first summit took place in Taiwan. 

This time, the second summit was conducted in the building of the Kukmin Ilbo founded by the Full Gospel Church and the folllowing third summit will occur in Taiwan again.

Kukmin Ilbo reported that ten Korean pastoral leaders attended the conference, including Rev. Young Hoon Lee, Rev. Han Jicai from Manmin Central Church , Rev. Yong Jo Hah, Senior Pastor of Onnuri Community Church and nine leaders from Taiwan like Rev. Gu Qiyun from New Life Church, Rev. Zhang Maosong from Top Miracle Church, Rev. Zhang Hanye and Rev. Lin Qingzhong from Top Church NTPU Sanctuary joined the summit.

Each of these pastors' churches have at least 1000 members. Discussions on the promotion of the unity of the churches in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and China mainland and the renaissance in East Asia were held. 

A missionary from the Korean Bible Society shared the main trends in the 21st century's gospel movement and its challenges, as well as the preparation of missionaries. He added that the purpose of the mission was not to reform and repent and not choose Christianity from many religions but to let men as creatures meet the Creator.

Rev. Gu shared the topic on "mass media and mission", saying that the church should pay attention to the latest technology like virtual reality and consider how to make use of that.

Rev.  Young Hoon Lee mentioned that there are few theological seminaries despite tens of millions Christians in mainland China; therefore, the evangelical Bible scholars in South Korea and Taiwan should offer more help to them. 

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