18 Newly Converted and Baptized in Shenzhen Xiangmihu Church

The eighteen believers baptized with Rev. Qiu Quan
The eighteen believers baptized with Rev. Qiu Quan (photo: Xiangmihu Church )
By Yi YangNovember 15th, 2016

On Nov. 6, the 16th Baptism Ceremony was held in Xiangmihu Church. A total of 18 believers joined the church after a two-month course of catechism.

According to the WeChat public account of Xiangmihu Church, Pastor Qiu Quan, with the theme of "Pagan Can not come and rest in peace," encouraged the believers not to harden their hearts to reject salvation and to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior with humility, accepting Jesus as the Lord. After the sermon, the baptism ceremony was held.

Xiangmihu Church, located in Futian District, Shenzhen, was founded in 1997. Its predecessor is a fellowship place. In May 1998, the application for the establishment of Christian fellowship place was approved by Shenzhen Municipal Administration of Ethnic and Religious Affairs. Adopting the way of managing the ground through the Church, Shenzhen TSPM & CCC allows Shenzhen Church to lead the place on behalf. In 2002, the gatherings halted.

On June 10th, 2008, Xiangmihu Church was awarded "registration certificate of religious activity site" by Administration of Ethnic and Religious Affairs of Futian District. Apart from meeting activities in worship service, the church launched shepherding ministries such as weekly visiting, spiritual practice of Church Choir and lectures, singing practice of Church Choir, disciple training classes, catechism class learning, new believer training classes, family meeting ground care and guidance. On April 19, 2010, "Shenzhen Christian Xiangmihu Church" was officially established at Shenzhen Christian Xiangmihu Fellowship place. 

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