Church in Jilin Suffers from Three Floods in July

Fengman Church
Fengman Church
By Josiah LiAugust 10th, 2017

Torrential rain in the central and eastern parts of Jilin province caused 18 deaths with 18 people missing and more than 114,000 displaced as of July 17, 2017, according to a report by Xinhua news agency. China News reported on July 21 that the people who were relocated returned to "rehabilitate the homeland."

The Gospel Times has been told that Fengmanlu Church of Fengman District, Jilin, encountered three floods in July. The disasters swept down the walls of the church courtyard, leaving the church inundated with 1.5 meters of water and damaging equipment such as a piano, air conditioners, sound equipment, pews, and books. The economic loss reached approximately 200,000 yuan.

Rev. Wang Xin from the church said that the three floods took place on July 2, 13 and 20. Considerable mud was washed into the church and half of the pews were destroyed. It is unsure whether the electronic equipment, including a keyboard, air conditioners, and stereo, that were soaked in water can be used again after being dried in the sun. After the rain, the congregation cleaned the mud out of the church, bringing curtains and choir robes home to wash.

Rev. Ren Dazhong, president of the Jilin CCC&TSPM, and church workers visited the church after the second flood, bringing 20,000 yuan. Some brother churches and believers also gave a donation totaling over 10,000 yuan.

Because the flood hasn't come to an end, the congregation is currently sitting on stools during services and the yard's wall is under repair.

With a history of 30 years, Fengman Church originated from a house gathering and has a regular attendance of around 200. Five years ago, the single-storey building where the congregation now gathers was built.  

-Translated by Karen Luo

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