Chengdu Christians Care for the Homeless

A group of Christians raised a fund for the homeless in Chengdu.
A group of Christians raised a fund for the homeless in Chengdu.
By Yi YangAugust 30th, 2017

A group of Christians have cared for the homeless in Chengdu for almost nine years.

The ministry was started on Christmas 2008. Brother Li, the founder, and some Christians wanted to celebrate Christmas in a different way. They distributed quilts, food, and water to the needy at a local railway station. Since then, they began to pay attention to the homeless.

Li told CCD that family problems are the major cause of their homelessness. 

This group of people are divided into different types: "thieves", "simpletons", and professional liars... He said that they classify the homeless into categories while helping them. For example, they don't offer help to homeless thieves to avoid that they may use the church to do illegal things.

Over the past years, a portion of the homeless have been led onto the correct path and now live a normal life. During the process of serving the homeless, Li has discovered that God's forgiveness and love are what they really need and that those who serve them should care for them at the proper time, such as when they fall sick or meet with misfortune. They should be encouraged to change rather than be shielded. 

The ministry never "put the cat near the goldfish bowl."

A homeless man disguised himself as a transformed Christian in the church for half a year. After being baptized, he attended weekly services and gave testimony before the congregation, making meals for other believers at ordinary times. Winning their trust, he took Li's identity card and the key to Li's apartment. The man got into the apartment and stole the rent and, even worse, the offering box. 

Through the lesson, Li shared, "We should maintain boundaries when we give sympathy and care to (the homeless). The homeless are not completely changed after receiving baptism, but need constant care." He added that caring for the homeless was just one aspect of Christian social service. "It needs to be practiced that it's more blessed to give than to receive."

He realized that many Christians used to consume God in the church and be picky about the church, but they become satisfied and grateful after involvement in ministries. Meanwhile, their arguments on doctrines, church traditions, and service style are reduced. "The real work of the gospel removes utilitarianism in people. Since God's love is unconditional, we give out unconditional love. We should let the homeless feel loved and accepted before training them." He stated.

Li said that he experienced the power of the gospel during his service.  

- Translated by Karen Luo

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