Christians Remember Holy Communion during Holy Week

Rev. Wu Bing preached in Dalian Gospel Church on April 18, 2019.
Rev. Wu Bing preached in Dalian Gospel Church on April 18, 2019. (photo: Provided by Wu Zhongyi)
By CCD contributor: Wu ZhongyiApril 22nd, 2019

 April 18, 2019 was the fifth day of the Holy Week prior to Easter. This Thursday is called the "Fellowship Day" or named the "Maundy Thursday" by the Protestants to commemorate the Lord Jesus' establishment of the Holy Communion by his blood. The concord of gathering teaches us to follow the humility and love of Jesus to practice the new covenant.

On the morning of last Thursday, the congregation of the Dalian Gospel Church in Ganjingzi District of Dalian City, held the worship service of the Fellowship Day.

This two-storey church was filled with believers. According to the church's sister Wang Shuqing, during the Passion week, the church holds daily gatherings and continues until Easter.

After the co-workers led and completed the praises and prayer, the vice chairman of the Dalian Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM), Wu Bing, started preaching. Firstly, he led the co-workers to read the verses from the Old Testament, Samuel Chapter 3; then followed by his sermon entitled "Say It, We Servants will Listen!" Starting from three angles, the sermon tried to teach co-workers to be as humble as the prophet Samuel, heed the voice of God, pay attention to the Word of the Lord, and answer to God's call bravely.

Pastor Wu Bing pointed out that Jesus was most pleased to fellowship with his disciples. He said that followers believed that the fundamental attributes of the Trinity made the Son and the Father inseparable from one another: "Father, just as you are in me and I am in you" (John 17:21). Therefore, the Lord Jesus also longed for all disciples to be in him, to be bonded as one. In this way, we were in the fellowship every day, and every day was a fellowship day, he concluded. 

- Translated by Jake

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