Jilin Churches Help to Prevent and Control Covid-19

Believers of Baicheng, Jilin formed a team to take turns guarding an epidemic prevention and control centers.
Believers of Baicheng, Jilin formed a team to take turns guarding an epidemic prevention and control centers. (photo: Beicheng CC&TSPM )
By Wang Wenling March 9th, 2020

Believers in the city of Baichang in Jilin province have to date donated 381,800 yuan towards the COVID-19 crisis. Of these funds, 221,200 were donated to the Red Cross Society and distributed through the United Front Work Department at county, municipality and national levels. The Jilin Provincial Two Associations received 115,500 yuan for epidemic prevention and control, and 35,000 yuan was given to the Charity Federation. At the same time, Christians purchased masks, protective clothing and other materials for various rural joint defense centers, with a cumulative amount of 5,950 yuan.

Although Baicheng's economy is relatively backward and the average income of residents is not high, many examples of moving deeds have emerged as people have donated to epidemic prevention and control.

Many believers in their 70's donated their retirement-savings; some donated money they had saved for their children's wedding. Rural believers even donated money they were saving to buy fertilizer and seeds. They all have the common goal of standing with others in the motherland in the effort to overcome the epidemic.

Sister Wang Huiqiu of Liaobei Road Church in Baicheng City purchased masks, raincoats and other items that she distributed to epidemic prevention and control points. From the time that these centers first opened, she also delivered meals to the staff every night at 10:30, always serving different meals each day. Many people praised her, but she said that the staff on duty at the prevention and control centers braved the cold to keep others safe. Providing meals was just her way to contribute to the joint effort of preventing and controlling the epidemic.

Because of the epidemic, the church on Liaobei Road in Baichang has been temporarily closed. To ensure the safety of the meeting place,  Elder Sun Yongqin has been eating and living in the church since the second day of Chinese New Year. He advised those who returned to the church to assist in the campaign against the epidemic, while at the same time guarding the church building against theft and fire.

Because church members are unable to gather for worship, donations for epidemic prevention and control need to be transferred through WeChat. Since many older believers cannot use WeChat, Rev. Yan Yong of the Luannan Yuying Church has provided loans from his own salary to assist those who would like to make a donation.

In Anguang Town, Daan City, Elder Hua in the Anlin Road Christian Activity Center of South Korea has never rested, leading believers to form ten teams to take turns guarding five epidemic prevention and control centers. Believers not participating in the joint defense team have provided logistical services for the duty personnel.

(The author is from Baicheng Christian Council & Three-Self Patriotic Movement of Jilin.)

- Translated by Melody

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