Largest Chinese Christian Video Website Blocked in China

A video camera records a talking program.
A video camera records a talking program. (photo:
By Karen LuoSeptember 15th, 2020

The largest Chinese Christian video resource website was blocked last Friday.

Featuring sermon videos preached by famous overseas Chinese pastors, Fuyin TV is popular among the Christian community in China. It is illegal to spread Christian videos without the permission of the authorities.

The official account of the website on WeChat released the news of the ban on September 12. The main domain was attacked by a DNS cache from China’s national backbone network, affecting all of the province. It is unknown how long the ban will last, whether it will be temporary or long term. Later, a new accessible domain name was given, adding the letter “i” before “”

However, the application, the mini-program, and the account on WeChat are not affected. The ministry urged believers to register as their members to avoid being disconnected.

The ministry added, “We’re grateful that the past years have brought us growth and company. Although we know that this moment would come soon, we can’t hide our sadness. We’re grateful that He chose the humble and undeserved vessels who responded to his love with confusion. He prepares every family member who is watching with expectations on the other side of the screen.”

“We’re grateful that there are unrelenting storms, that there is less and less time, and an unknown future and know that everything is not in vain. We’re grateful for the task God has given to us. The night is nearly over; the dawn is almost here.”

The website includes sermons preached by Stephen Tong, a renowned Chinese Indonesian Reformed evangelist, Hongjie Yu, a Chinese American pastor of Silicon Valley Christian Assembly, and David Pawson, a late Bible teacher from the United Kingdom. The site also has many Christian movies and theology courses. Its mission is to be rooted in Christ and to serve the church.

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