Chinese Female Missionary’s Practice on “a Kernel of Wheat” Overseas

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By Steve Sun May 20th, 2022

Recently, a Chinese female missionary gave a testimony about her overseas mission in an online sharing meeting, including the grace she received, her struggles, hesitation and mental journey of how to regain strength under various circumstances. Her sharing was followed by the audience's feedback in the second half of the meeting.

To serve God well, the missionary (the name untold for personal protection) started to equip herself beginning in 2007. During her fifteen-year preparation for being able to work as a missionary overseas one day, apart from having studied nursing and theology, she has also obtained the kindergarten teacher certification, as well as learned how to make coffee.

One of her classmates, Pastor F, got in touch with her by chance. After hearing about her difficult situation, the pastor made an offering to her, for which this female missionary was very moved.

She is based in an Islamic country where her work environment is very difficult. In her words: "I am so close to heaven every day."

As the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in this country gets very serious, she has experienced loneliness, depression, and hesitation in her heart under multiple pressures. One time, when she was praying, God said to her, "Look up to me instead of looking at what you can’t help with." Afterward, she shifted her focus, beginning to feel strong inside.

In her testimony, she said: "Here, I dress and eat with my hands like the locals. Among them, if I don't eat the same way, I will not be able to taste that original flavor. Having integrated into the local culture, I feel that I have no difference from the local people, but being one of them. I am very grateful for getting trained abroad and for my spiritual growth. For a while, I fell into depression and bitterness because I wasn’t able to do anything when the local impoverished people asked me for help. But when I prayed, God spoke to me, 'Why do you keep your eyes on what you can't do instead of looking up to me? I am the God who can help you.' Turning to God, I regained my strength. We are now helping local people with job opportunities. Meanwhile, we try to influence them through loving service, hoping that one day they can embrace the gospel of Christ."

The following thoughts were shared by the Christian audience.

C said, "Hearing this missionary's testimony, I am moved in particular by how her mother and mother-in-law have been praying for her all the time. The mother-in-law said, 'Since I have offered my son to God, I don't wish that he will run from His call.' I see the support of mothers’ prayers is very important for excellent missionaries."

"My heart really pained for not being able to work on front-line preaching ministries like her, or I couldn’t do any relevant ministry at home, either. Later, we decided to make a fixed and designated offering to this female missionary every month. Afterward, I initiated a monthly donation of 100 yuan per person to the front-line missionaries in my church. Thanks to God, many people participated willingly. In this difficult time, may God use our offerings to help those in need, who will be very happy. Thank all believers for walking together with me,” S commented. 

Q shared, "Every time I listen to a missionary's testimony, my biggest takeaway is that I want to repent for having always focused on my own difficulties. It's really not easy for them to stand in a position of completely relying on God. I myself can't preach like them but I want to be able to contribute by offering."

W added that this female missionary served God whole-heartedly, whilst she spent more energy on her own family than on God’s affairs, so she decided to devote more financial resources.

H stated that she hadn’t made much money recently, therefore she was worried when she was invited to donate 100 yuan to the missionaries. But after hearing the female missionary say, 'Don't just pursue fixed wages, but rather eternal investment’, she strengthened her confidence in supporting her. "I also thank the Lord for a change in my values."

- Translated by Shuya Wang

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