Chinese Churches, Seminaries Observe World Day of Prayer 2024

On March 8, 2024, Beijing CC&TSPM organized a World Day of Prayer service at Chongwenmen Church in Beijing.
On March 8, 2024, Beijing CC&TSPM organized a World Day of Prayer service at Chongwenmen Church in Beijing. (photo: Beijing CC&TSPM)
By CCD EditorialMarch 13th, 2024

Churches and theological seminaries across China conducted World Day of Prayer 2024 services over the past week.

This year, most regions in China celebrated the day on March 8, International Women's Day. However, following this year's guidelines of the World Day of Prayer (WDP), the event was internationally observed on March 1, the first Friday of March.

It has been the third year that China's TSPM church has observed this global ecumenical movement with its material. According to the official website of WDP, the WDP program 2024 was written by the World Day of Prayer Committee of Palestine, themed "I Beg You... Bear With One Another in Love," based on Ephesians 4:1–3. However, the theme of the Chinese TSPM Churches' 2024 World Day of Prayer was "Unity, Harmony, and Peace" with prayers for church unity, motherland prosperity, and the active role of Christian women in promoting the sinicization of Christianity as a response to scriptures from Ephesians 4:2–3, Psalm 65:11, James 3:18, and Proverbs 31:20–31. 

On March 8, Beijing CC&TSPM organized the Women's Day of Prayer event at Chongwenmen Church, including preaching, rituals of forgiveness, commissioning, and blessings, said the municipal CC&TSPM. Simultaneously, Yanjing Theological Seminary, based in the city, conducted worship activities on the same theme in its chapel. The worship content featured testimonies from four Chinese Christian women, an in-depth study of the theme scripture, and intercessory prayers.

Shanghai CC&TSPM also celebrated Women's Prayer Day on the same day at the Community Church in Xuhui District, dedicating all funds raised to the Shanghai Enguang Nursing Home, reported Shanghai CC&TSPM.

Fujian CC&TSPM and Fujian Theological Seminary jointly hosted a World Day of Prayer session. During the sharing session, four female students recounted the inspiring stories of four Chinese Christian women. They are Deng Yuzhi, a pioneer in the Chinese women's movement; Rev. Chen Meijin from Shanghai actively contributed to society; Rev. Li Runxin from Chongqing upholds the love for country and God; and Rev. Wang Hongli from Liaoning's church, an outstanding "mediator."

At Nanjing Union Theological Seminary in Jiangsu, Rev. Liu Lingwei gave a sermon titled "Strive to Preserve Unity," encouraging believers to use their gifts for the benefit of others with edifying words, appreciate others' strengths, and embrace diversity.

In Zhejiang Theological Seminary, Rev. Zhu Weiying delivered a sermon on three aspects: unity in Christ, the virtue of harmony, and being a peacemaker.

During the celebration of International Women's Day, Rev. Zhu Jieming of Gongchen Church in Hangzhou shared a sermon titled "Pass on Godly Life," exploring the origin of the World Day of Prayer, the mission given by God to Christian women, and mutual encouragement. In a sermon at New Grace Church in Yiwu City, Pastor Huo Pengfei encouraged sisters in Christ to strive for wisdom in life, plant seeds of peace with comforting words and wisdom, and serve in the church with love and kindness.

Over 100 believers participated in the worship service at Yunnan Trinity International Church. Rev. Wang Hongyu encouraged Christian ladies to maintain faith in different circumstances and bear witness to the gospel in her sermon titled "Bind All Virtues, Preserve Unity."

In Sichuan, Chengdu Shangxiang Church kicked off a WDP service with sign language dance and the performance of the Holy Music Band. Longchang City Church presented cups, umbrellas, aprons, towels, and holiday as gifts to all Christian women who participated in the event.

Guangdong Union Theological Seminary held a worship event at Union Church in Guangzhou.

In Guizhou Province, members of Xixiu District TSPM in Anshun City and believers of Anshun Church engaged in studying scriptures, singing hymns, sharing testimonies, and praying on March 8. In the evening, more than 100 teachers and students from Guizhou Bible School participated in the WDP service, said CCC&TSPM.

Rev. Wang Conglian, chairman of Guangxi TSPM and senior pastor of Emmanuel Church in Nanning, mentioned in his sermon that people were reconciled to God through the death of Jesus, encouraging sisters in Christ to live out their faith in their families, workplaces, and society.

Additionally, around 125 Christian women attended a worship service on March 6 at Grace Church in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, reported the municipal CC&TSPM.

The following day, nearly thirty leaders dressed uniformly to present the hymn " Women of Ages Virtuous Be" at Wenhua Road Church in Pudian District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province,

Rev. Ma Xiaowen, vice chairman and secretary-general of Ji’nan CC&TSPM, led the congregation in a confession ceremony and forgiveness ritual at Jingsi Road Church in Shandong Province. In the worship activity at Jiangsu Road Church, Qingdao City, Rev. Zhao Kaijie, director of the municipal CC&TSPM, preached according to the theme scripture, encouraging female church members to promote unity in the church and play a more active role in advancing the sinicization of Christianity in China.

On March 9, Jincheng CC&TSPM in Shanxi Province organized a prayer meeting. After the sermon, each person prayed for peace and justice in the world, the prosperity and strength of the motherland, unity and agreement within the church, and the happiness and fulfillment of families.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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