Zhangzhou Meeting Point Celebrates Completion

The exterior or Shiting Gathering Site in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province
The exterior or Shiting Gathering Site in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province (photo: Shiting Gathering Site)
By Lin MuliMay 6th, 2024

A gathering site supported by Beimen Church in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, held an inauguration ceremony.

Based on 2 Chronicles 6:20–33, Rev. Shen Huiduan gave a sermon titled "The Temple of Worshiping God" on May 1, with Wang Suyan introducing the history of Shiting Gathering Site in Xiangcheng District and how it was built.

Before the founding of the People's Republic of China, there was a church in Shiting Town, which was called Wushi Church in the early days. After the reform and opening up, some people also came to preach the gospel, with meeting points set up in many villages. According to statistics, there are about 200 believers at eight gathering points in Shiting Town, Puwei Village, Yangwei Village, and the other five places.

Later, staff workers at Shiting Gathering Site had a vision that there would be a central church in Shiting Town to better pastor believers with management. After praying, in March 2022, a temporary meeting point was set up in the home of a sister in the Lord in Shiting Town, where believers from varied gathering points worshipped God every Sunday afternoon. They gradually formed the administrative board, choir, visitation team, and financial council, hosting prayer meetings.

About half a year later, church workers planned to build a church in the town but were short of funds, experience, and manpower. Therefore, several staff workers went to Beimen Church to discuss this construction ministry with Rev. Huang Lihong, who provided strong support in all aspects and sent Pastor Yang to assist Shiting Church in various ministries. In this way, church workers began to prepare for the church-building projects.

Reverend Huang suggested they buy an already-built house. Afterward, church staff found four stores with an area of ​​about 262 square meters (0.065 acres) to be sold. But at that time, the church only had a start-up capital of 150,000 yuan. Within a few months, believers in the church donated 530,000 yuan. On the recommendation of Reverend Huang, the church started the second round of fundraising, collecting 520,000 yuan in donations and loans. Huang mobilized the council and believers of Beimen Church to participate, with a total donation of 1.39 million.

During the church renovation, some believers donated renovation materials, volunteered, and pledged donations for the renovation project. Beimen Church also provided material, manpower, technology, and resource assistance, with the building completed on December 20, 2023.

(The article was originally published by the Gospel Times and the author is a believer in Fujian.)

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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