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Hong Kong Mafia Boss to the Cross

Hong Kong Mafia Boss to the Cross

Hong Hanyi Hong Hanyi(Gospeltimes)
ByJiaxin Deng October 12, 2015
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On September 13, Hanyi Hong, the former Mafia boss in Hong Kong, gave his testimony to witness the glory of Jesus in Sicheng Church, Hangzhou. And the church was crowded with audiences who heard about the cheerful news.

HanYi Hong once was a boss of a gang in Hong Kong who neither feared God nor cared about men. However he became a messenger of Gospel to witness his change that how Jesus had led him out of darkness into light of truth.

HanYi Hong is now 69 years old. Before he became a believer, what he hated most was someone who mentioned "Jesus" to him. He thought that kind of person as "Superstitionist". Many priests in Hong Kong, though, kept preaching the Gospel and even giving bible to him, but he was never willing to know about Jesus.

He realized that he had done such harmful things on his conscience (he felt condemned by his conscience) at the age of 40, when seeing of druggers whose life was permanently destroyed once they stained with drug.

Then he stopped all his drug deal and turned to run nightclubs, casinos and other business instead. But kept being condemned by his conscience, he fell into melancholia then and suffered a lot from insomnia.

Cannot stand the suffering of insomnia anymore, one day, he looked at the Bible and said to Jesus: "Let me fall asleep if you really exist, and then I will believe in you." Unexpectedly, the Lord listened to his prayers and he could fall asleep immediately from then on. But he forgot his promise.

In the next six years, HanYi "struggled against" Jesus for not willing to give up his big business and huge interests. Even though he forsake Jesus for three times and almost committed suicide, he was finally impressed by the love of Jesus and turned back into the arms of the Christ.

His friends (the people around him) came to believe in Jesus one after another because of the amazing change in Hanyi's life. In addition, he also established specialized churches for gangsters in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Now, he preaches gospel and testifies the Christ everywhere, hoping that more people can acknowledge the love of Jesus through the testimony of his own life and get into eternal heaven after death.

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