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Megachurch Pastor Encourage Christians to Reach Out to Unreached People in 2016

Megachurch Pastor Encourage Christians to Reach Out to Unreached People in 2016

Sunday Service in Chongyi Church Sunday Service in Chongyi Church
ByIssachar Li January 14, 2016
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Regarding setting up the church's goal for the new year, Christians should reach the unreached people for the Lord, declares Rev. Huang of Chongyi Church in Hangzhou.

In the Sunday sermon on January 10, citing Psalms 16, Rev. Huang, speaking to a congregation that numbered about 1,000, said that we should find back our lost "saint" identity in the beginning of 2016. He spoke in Chongyi Church which was founded in 2005, one of the largest Chinese churches.

Rev. Huang says the Jews are a special people who never forget their identity --- that they are God's chosen people wherever they go. The same goes with Christians who are also God's chosen people. Christians are  saints. 

The inheritance of the saints is God himself. If a church doesn't know what its inheritance is, it will gradually focus on extrinsic inheritance. Huang says, "If God's child really knows what his or her inheritance is, his or her life will be totally different." He gives the example that St.Peter healed the crippled beggar at the beautiful temple gate to point out that what the beggar got from Peter is not only healing but also what Peter had --- Jesus Christ.

Saints should get joy from life. Huang says maybe many brothers and sisters haven't laughed for a long time due to too much pressure, nervous relationships, and children's busy studying while the Bible tells us our hearts can be glad and our tongues rejoice. 

Saints have the mission to find back more lost "saints." Many Christians calling those who don't believe in Christ as "Gentiles," this is wrong in Huang’s eyes. He calls them "lost saints," or "saints who haven't returned." Huang thinks that Jews have lost an important character to carry on their mission: bringing back lost saints. From what God said to Abraham, "All people on earth will be blessed through you." He encourages the congregation "to preach the gospel wherever we go."

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