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East China Theological Seminary Celebrates "Theology Days"

East China Theological Seminary Celebrates "Theology Days"

The church in Shanghai celebrated The church in Shanghai celebrated "Theology Days" in March 2019. (WeChat account: East China Theological Seminary)
ByEast China Theological Seminary March 21, 2019
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March 16 and 17 are "Theology Days" at the Church of Shanghai, which will allocate donations to the East China Theological Seminary (ECTS) as its schooling expenditure.

On the morning of March 16 and the morning and evening of March 17 at Grace Church Rev. Xie Bingguo, president of ECTS, preached on the theme of Jesus is a good shepherd.

On the morning of March 17, freshmen, sophomores and juniors from the Theology Department worshipped and sophomores and seniors from the Music Department sang in several churches in Shanghai. Some teachers from ECTS were also invited to preach and share their ideas in Shanghai churches. Pastors talked to and encouraged students after the worship services.

At the establishment of ECTS, the Three-Self Patriotic Movement and China Christian Council agree that the third Saturday and Sunday of March be designated as "Theology Days" with the aim of bringing ECTS to the attention of Christians in Shanghai churches, stressing the importance of theological education and cultivating preachers, asking the churches to pray for and contribute to ECTS, as well as encouraging faculty and students to go and serve the churches.

-Translated by Lin Changfeng 


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