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Rural Church Rebuilt in Fujian

Rural Church Rebuilt in Fujian

Rendering of Jiebu Church in Longyan, Fujian Rendering of Jiebu Church in Longyan, Fujian(Longyan TSPM)
ByJohn Wang February 11, 2022
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A village church in Fujian Province held a service regarding its reconstruction, also launching a publicity campaign for the enrollment of Fujian Theological Seminary.

During the service on January 7, Rev. Li Zhichun preached a sermon titled "What Are We Doing? — Our Mission", Longyan TSPM reported.

Later, to celebrate the completion, they hosted a ceremony, in which the head of Jiebu Village Church in Baisha Town, Longyan, made a brief introduction to the construction of the new church and gave a financial report.

Then, an activity was conducted to promote the recruitment of Fujian Theological Seminary, which is the only base for training pastors in the province. So, it needs prayers and publicity work from Fujian churches, including those in remote rural areas.

Covering less than 60 square meters (0.015 acres), it may be the smallest church in the world, though definitely not the least useful one. From the purchase of the villagers’ idle vegetable plots and threshing floors, to the design drawings, it all demonstrates the power of the Lord and the efforts of the believers.

- Translated by Abigail Wu


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