Christian Literature and Art Research Center Holds the Foundation Ceremony, Beijing

The Inauguration
1/2The Inauguration
The exhibition
2/2The exhibition
By Hu JingyanOctober 8th, 2015

At 1:30pm Oct. 6, the Christian Literature and Art Research Center of Beijing Normal University(BNU) held the foundation ceremony and had deep discussion and communication around the poetry and drawings, made by Christian artist and Professor Daozi of Tsinghua University.

As the sponsor of this activity, the Christian Literature and Art Research Center of  Beijing Normal University got the approval to establish a "Non-organizational system  Institute", right now it is the first Christian literature and art research center in china, whose members consist of ten national first-class schools and young and middle-aged scholars, researching around the fields of literature, visual arts and theology. Its aim is to integrate Christian and liberal arts study, hold discussions in the Chinese context and study the problems in creating universal Christian literature and arts.

For the art exhibition, it has around 30 drawings, including Chinese paintings The series of God and Gold, Holy Blood and Atonement, Bitter Bamboo, Holy Trinity, The Prophet, etc.

After the foundation ceremony, the discussion on Daozi's Poetry and Drawings was held in the Qinyun lecture hall in BNU. During the discussion, Professor Daozi and the dean of the School of Chinese Language and Literature of BNU inaugurated the Christian Literature and Art Research Center.

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